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Sunday, July 17, 2016

2017.07.17 A Look at The Recent Updates....

2017.07.17 A Look at The Recent Updates....
We've noticed a bit of a traffic spike in the last 24 hours, undoubtedly because of the number of Kickstarter "updates" that Ken "Whit" Whitman has made across the breadth of his trashed Kickstarter projects.

We've been told, as we don't have backer-level access for the updates given, that Ken "Whit" Whitman pretty much did a fly-by cut & paste update to each of his projects. One update to cover everybody & everything we guess.

Before we even read the update the expectation was yet another, "please be patient...I am working on things and I need more time", along with a little spread of blame for these failed projects on anybody but Ken "Whit" Whitman. As much as we'd love to say this was just being pessimistic, the reality of the situation is that Ken "Whit" Whitman had dipped into this same well of excuses often enough it has become his modus operandi.

A member of the Knights of the Dinner Table public group on Facebook did everyone a solid by posting the update for others to read. We'll provide some commentary like we've done before, creating footnotes like this with our comments at the bottom. We did tweak the group graphic to make it fit the width of the post.

"Dear Backers.

We have set a new release date for August 1, 2017. Of course we hope to get your project to you way before that date, but would rater surprise you then disappoint you again.(1)

Sorry it has taken so long, there have been many sit backs in my life, and there are a few backers that actually follow and harass me online, effecting my ability to make a living and produce this product. Although their actions are highly illegal it it very difficult to enforce laws across state lines without spending money, AND I would prefer to spend said money on this project instead. Some of these harassment include copywrite infringement, libel, slander, contacting employers, contacting loved ones, and even contact my children.(2)

So please, if you have a problem with me, contact me at kenwhitman@kenwhitman.com, OR at least be civilized and use our current court system if you believe I have wronged you in anyway. There are much better ways of handing a situation then cyberstalking, and harassing my loved ones.(3)

I have updated the IMDB page tonight, however it will take a few days to fix itself. 

I will update you when I have downloads for you guys.
My sincerest apology for letting you down on the timeline, BUT I am going to finish this project. I have NOT given up and you will see this wonderful project.(4)

If you would like to ask questions about the project below, please feel free to post them. I will most likely only answer questions I feel help clarify information about this project.
Here are some basic ones that will clear up some...

Q. Did you buy a car with KODT money.
A. No.(5)

Q. Did all the actors and crew get paid.
A. It took a bit of time, but yes. (6)

Q. Did you shoot all 3 episodes. 
A. Yes.

Q. Why has it taken so long.
A. I tried to produce the product without the knowledge of the true cost of production. Many companies producing 60 mins, of content kickstarter for $300k+. I have been spending my own time and money making-up for the under capitalization. (7)

2017.07.17 Facebook Copy of KS Updates
Q. Did you pay yourself out of Kickstarter Money.
A. Just like any actor or crew, I paid myself for my time producing, directing & editing. Currently to date my average hourly rate come to a little over $3.17 an hour. (8)

Q. Have you been involved an any other Fundraiser sense your trouble her on Kickstarter.
A. No, I decided to work on these projects and will never create another fundraise for any project until my current ones are completed. (9)

Q. Do you currently produce, direct or act in movies.
A. Yes. That is how I make my living.

Q. Have you contemplated suicide because of your finacial situation and personal problems. 
A. Yes. If you have ever been cyberstalked, or have dozens of web sites dedicated to your failure, it does get a bit depressing and over whelming. If it we not for the support of a few friends, and the fact I have two wonderful children, I probably would have taken the cowards way out. But they believe in me, so I guess i have no choice but to get this project finished and done with. (10)

Q. How is your relationship with Jolly Blackburn.
A. Bad. Jolly has spent many hours cyberstalking me on line, he continuously post on several of my hate sites & IMDB. Behind close doors he send email telling me I am a piece of $&*^, and yet, I dredge on. Don't get me wrong, I can be a hot head, I'm not saying I did not have a few choice words for Jolly. Buts because I am passionate about creating a good piece of art. (11)

Q. Will we actually see a finished project.
A. Yes."

1) The KoDT:LAS project has been at 90% completion for over a year now. In July of 2015 he was "two weeks away" from completion. The last statement of being at 90% completion was last April. What is realistically going to be accomplished in the next 53 weeks that couldn't have been done in the last 10?

2) With the exception of some folks adding information to the Girl Downtown IMDB page posting screen shots of Ken "Whit" Whitman's own Facebook messaging posts (which he has claimed was someone else spoofing his account) and somebody else posting a cautionary warning on Facebook, we have not come across any online harassment. This website, a few posts on Tenkar's Tavern, and the hasn't-been-updated-in-almost-a-year Don't Fund Ken Whitman page do not constitute "online harassment" in any real legal sense.

When we became aware that children at Ken "Whit" Whitman's daughter's school were using information on NAD to tease Alexandra Whitman, we edited the content and kept an eye on what we released. Even though Alexandra has graduated and should be an "adult", we have simple elected to not post what we considered inappropriate information.

We have also responded to formal requests from Ken "Whit" Whitman's family, addressing their concerns as well.

3) Ken "Whit" Whitman has generally proven himself unavailable for contact. In the past he's noted his phone number is out there for anyone to call, but giving a number that never gets answered is hardly useful. We've been told by Jolly Blackburn that Ken "Whit" Whitman has formally requested that any contact between the two of them be conducted via US Mail, but he's never given Jolly an address. It is also near impossible to expect people to "use our current court system" if they have no clue where to conduct service.

4) This has been said many times, often enough that it has effectively lost any and all meaning to anyone but Ken "Whit" Whitman.

5) There is no way that a man who has claimed to be well under the Federal Poverty Level to have afforded a new vehicle, much less pay off the loan early.

6) Jolly Blackburn, in this NAD Comment, has stated, "But the reality there are people who (last i heard) have still not been paid. The effects guy, the composer for KODTLAS, the guy who did the card art for Dice Deck. Not to mention a former AD who is owed a few k. And those guys are only the ones I know about." That was two weeks ago and we haven't heard any change on this front.

7) In addition to the Kickstarter, Ken "Whit" Whitman has sold an unknown quantity of KoDT:20 Years of Covers books, some of those were even double-sold. He also sold KenzerCo product without informing (or paying) KenzerCo for said product. When there are large parts/expenses of backer rewards that have gone unfilled, we know the expenses have been far lower than they should be and the revenues much higher than the $69,525 raised. "Under capitalization" is not really an appropriate term to use until the full ledger of this project gets opened for review.

8) The figure given is pure conjecture since there doesn't seem to have been any financial control for this project. We believe there was a time he was claiming to have been working on the film 16 hours a day....this figure doesn't mesh with Ken "Whit" Whitman's claims of income for 2014 and 2015.

9) Ken "Whit" Whitman only stopped using Kickstarter when Kickstarter made him stop. We know he already had plans for more Kickstarters by his own admittance, and by Jolly Blackburn's.

10) Nothing but a plea for sympathy. There are, at best, two...two! websites dedicated to Ken "Whit" Whitman's activities, one more that has an occasional post, and a couple more with interviews from Ken "Whit" Whitman. We really don't think many folks want to expend any more effort on him.....

11) We have been in touch with Mr. Blackburn, and while he has admitted to us that he has exchanged some less-than-pleasant-words with Ken "Whit" Whitman, we haven't seen ANYTHING that stoops to Ken "Whit" Whitman's level of abuse. Personally this writer thinks Jolly would have to bash himself in the head with a claw hammer in order to "dumb-down" enough to reach Ken "Whit" Whitman's level. Of course that is purely my opinion on the subject.*

*You aren't the only one with that opinion. -Editor


  1. As per Ken's request to "use our current court system", I contacted My Whitman and blatantly asked for a mailing address so I could file a suit and serve him with court papers.

    His reply:

    "I do not have a permeant address as of yet. As soon as I get an established PO BOX, I will send you an address."

  2. Guy loves to dump gasoline on dying bonfire doesn't he? For the record, Ken has made repeated claims that I'm some how involved with this website (and others) saying it's either MY site or I'm a 'sponsor'.

    No to both if that isn't clear. I say what i have to say about Ken publicly on my own wall or on Kickstarter. And I also post on various various conversations about the project here and around the internet.

    Ken hates being held accountable for his actions.

  3. "Personally this writer thinks Jolly would have to bash himself in the head with a claw hammer in order to "dumb-down" enough to reach Ken "Whit" Whitman's level. Of course that is purely my opinion on the subject.*" - Laughed really good at this one. And I agree.


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