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Sunday, November 1, 2015

2015.11.01 Ken Whitman Update

2015.11.01 Ken Whitman Update
1st off a bit of an update as to why this blog has gone a bit dark as of late....

...there has been a little bit of news this last month, but nothing you couldn't get from keeping up with the assorted Kickstarter comments.

Several weeks ago I was accused by someone whose opinion I care about as having a "campaign to wreck Ken Whitman's life". This is pretty far from the truth, but that doesn't matter.....the fact that this is the perception I'm leaving does.

When the Not Another Dime Blog was setup there were actually three "authors" established, but only one ("me") has contributed here. This isn't a condemnation of the other guys....if anything they've just bee spreading the same message elsewhere so good on 'em. Just for me the price to pay for keeping folks updated is generally more than I'm willing to pay. I've already been personally screwed over by Mr. Ken Whitman and I'm not wanting to give him the power to continue to do so.....

2nd, I have heard some rather disturbing rumors, that have already partially come true. If the rest of what has been sent to me does pan out.....and for several reasons I hope they don't. At best I'll make one last post and completely walk away from this endeavor....

.....because it would be that disturbing......

The "partially true" part was confirmed a few hours ago when Mr. Ken Whitman posted on all "his" Kickstarters the following comment "update":
"Hey everyone, sorry for not posting sooner. Due to personal problems, I moved to Atlanta. As soon as I get settled I will make more updates. Take care."

Moving to Atlanta due to "personal problems"

I suspect the "personal problems" are directly related to his Kickstarter endeavors since it seems that several state AG offices are looking into his operations. Of course that is speculation, but it matches with what I've been informed about and the comments from those Kickstarter patrons that feel they'd been scammed by Ken Whitman.

3rd, and this may not be important, Wikipedia is considering deleting the Ken Whitman page. I got a head's up from one of this blog's readers and if you happen to be a Wikipedia editor you might want to chime in here.


  1. Let me chime in here and just give a big thank you for the great work you are doing and I'm sorry that not everyone you care about appreciates or understands the importance of this blog. What you are trying to do is not wreck someone's life, on the contrary, you are trying to prevent people's lives from being wrecked. It just happens that there is one individual in this case who is causing the wrecking of others people's lives. Let's face it, Ken Whitman has been a blight on the RPG community and industry since at least 1996 and if no one calls him out on what he is doing he will just continue lying, cheating and ripping people off. If Ken's "life" is swindling then it deserves to be wrecked but cheating people is not actually his life.You are not stopping Ken Whitman from giving up being a con artist and going out and getting a real job. If he chose to leave all this evil behind and go straight, I'm quite sure you would not stop him so you are not wrecking his life. What you are doing is endeavoring to neutralize his capacity to do harm. This is a righteous and necessary crusade and rather than being criticized for it, you should be celebrated. Thanks again.

  2. I'll add in my 2 coppers with the above poster. You are doing a Detective/Law and Order type job here. You are shining a light on all the dark corner's Ken is trying to hide. You are NOT wrecking a man's life here you are exposing his misdeed. If you were stating lies, falsehoods, and other mistruth's twisting Ken's words around then you would have a reason to feel you are destroying Ken's life.

    Keep up the good job, I miss reading your column's and seeing future Expose's on Ken's downfall. Don't forget you are doing what many of us wish we could do but don't have the resources that you do. We support you!

  3. Any one who has suggested you are out to wreck Ken Whitman's life is just flat out wrong. This blog and Don't Fund Ken Whitman need to exist so that the record is firmly established and the gaming community is spared from him ever trying to do anything again in this space. I appreciate the work you've been doing to try and protect people from being scammed again.

  4. The Wikipedia discussion on his article appears to say that he's a nobody, but if he gets charged for scamming on Kickstarter, he'll become a notable, so ironically it's his ANTI-achievements that will keep him there!

    I don't think he has posted on ALL his Kickstarters, though. I see nothing on Spinward Traveller or the easy-peasy dice-cards!

  5. Thank you for your efforts. If this blog stops even one more person from being ripped off by Mr Whitman, you have done good work.

    As for me, I am not on a crusade to ruin Mr Whitman's life, but I am willing to pressure him in any legal manner to make sure he fulfills his business obligations, refund people's money, and never gets a chance to scam or hurt anyone else.

    Otherwise, I do not care about Mr Whitman or his life.

  6. The only person who is responsible for ruining Ken Whitman's life and career is Ken Whitman. He has lied to, cheated, and stolen from lots of people over the years and it has finally caught up to him. You're merely making people aware of the facts. Thank you for helping to educate the public.

  7. I need to post here too (I'm one of those that can but often default to The Tavern)

    Of course, I just saw Ken was deleted from Wikipedia and posted... at The Tavern


  8. I just dont understand how he still has supporters? Are they related to him? I know Mothers and Fathers forgive almost anything their kids have done but i can only see his Parents now as his only supporters.


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