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Monday, July 25, 2016

2016.07.25 Facebook Stalking and Update Attack on KoDT:LAS

2016.07.25 Facebook Stalking and Update Attack on KoDT:LAS
Yesterday we were notified that Ken "Whit" Whitman may have set up a fake Facebook account in order to go "catfishing". The persona created was that of one Stacy Walker.

Stacy doesn't appear on Facebook until around July 17th, 2016. Right off the bat the account looks fishy (pun intended) because Stacy's birthday is listed as September 21, 1956. That would make Stacy almost 60 years old! This definitely doesn't mesh with her Facebook pics.

You know what also doesn't mesh? Stacy is definitely not a Harvard Student as her profile lists....Harvard has an online directory that is easy to check.....as does the American Red Cross. Now we aren't going to waste the Red Cross' time, but employment verification is just a phone call away.

Is this a fake account? Mostly likely, especially when you consider the timing of creation, the jumble of fake information, and the specific list of Facebook friends for "Stacy".

Is this Ken "Whit" Whitman's account? Who knows....at this point attributing it to anyone is premature.

Of course we weren't the only ones to notice this account and concerned individuals have reached out to Jolly Blackburn:
2016.07.25 KoDT:LAS Update

The only thing we just don't get is how Jolly Blackburn's response to a concerned fan can be construed as "online harassment"? Private acknowledging a suspicion is not harassment. Not commenting on "other stuff" is not harassment. Saying good things about Ken "Whit" Whitman's children is not harassment. Privately stating an opinion that Ken "Whit" Whitman "jerked around" other people is not harassment. Not wishing someone harm is not harassment, and finally, stating that he wishes Ken "Whit" Whitman "does the right thing" is not harassment.

Publicly bringing up online that a man's deceased daughter "would not be happy with his current choices" might be harassment and at any rate it is just wrong. Obviously this is our expressed opinion....again not harassment....but if anybody needs to "man up" here it is Ken "Whit" Whitman.

2016.07.25 1314 CST Update: In pushing to post this (the writer was a bit PO'D) we pretty much mis-read and/or skipped over the comments regarding Ken "Whit" Whitman's daughter and we aren't OK with sharing those comments, even in a picture. While we generally believe that Ken "Whit" Whitman has a lot to answer for, his children don't need to be caught in the crossfire. To that end we have covered up portions of the picture posted above and we must implore you, dear reader, to refrain from making inappropriate comments regarding Ken "Whit" Whitman's children. 


  1. If Stacy is real and 60 years old ... I would really love to know what she eats and her skin/hair care products.

  2. In answer to this clearly fake account. I wanted to clarify.

    Over the weekend one of the Actors on KODTLAS contacted me asking me if I knew this person. I said no. And while we were chatting I received a friend request from her. So did my wife. Within a few hours of checking with others on the project everyone had received a request from her.

    Given Ken's erratic behavior the last few days blockig the last few people still talking to him who were invovled with KODTLAS some of us wondered if it might be Ken. Afterall, back in his "Ken sues RPGNET" days it was known he created a few sock puppet accounts. There's history there.

    Speculation would have ended there for me.

    But a few hours "she" starts chatting me up on Facebook. "Oh, you made a movie? Tell me about that." "I'm 28 and work with abandoned babies but I'm single and have no kids". (lol)

    Fake account. no doubt.

    About that moment two other people from the KODTLAS project message me to say, "Hey, that Stacy girl is chatting with me...?"

    So hello. Our spidey senses are going off.

    Now there's a good chance it's just a coincidence - a random troll/spammer who found their way to the same friends list and happened to cherry pick a group of people who had something in common. KODTLAS. Or - it *might* be Ken.

    Not a crime to openly speculate. And let's be honest. In the bizzaro world of Ken Whitman nothing surprises me at this point.

  3. I was also contacted by "Stacy" on July 17th, 2016 on FaceBook. At the time the profile didn't even have a photograph. "She" put one up as soon as I pointed that out. I checked the pictures through a reverse image search on tineye.com and it didn't find any duplicates on the web.

    We chatted for a while. She made it clear she was looking for a boyfriend, but was currently in Nigeria for the Red Cross and the SAVE THE BABY mission. Red flags all around. Freaking Nigeria? Scam capital of the world??

    The impression I got of this was a love scam. I’ve run into these on dating sites. They get you hooked emotionally and then ask you for money because they are sick and cannot pay the doctor or the bribes to leave the country. I confronted her about this and ended up unfriended.

    I’m not on any of Ken’s lists. I’ve kicked him out of the GPA twice already and learned to avoid anything he’s involved in like the plague. I’ve always turned down any of his attempts at friending. So, either “Stacy” was someone in Nigeria pulling a typical love scam, or Ken is getting very desperate and stupid.

  4. At least one of the Kickstarters got updated twice in one month.

  5. I could not say if "Stacy Walker" is a catfish or not, but "her" profile is very interesting when looking at her "friends" and the "people" posting on her timeline. One "individual" has been going to the same "college" for 45 years (four of those years attending college while still finishing high school). There seems to be more than one catfish in the pond.

  6. I was also requested by "Stacy Walker" to be her friend. It happened within minutes of her sending friend requests to Jolly, Barb, and the others.

    The profile is obviously fake. From the date of birth to the bad grammar/spelling (Ken is infamous for this). As a matter of fact, the first 2 things I thought when I reviewed the profile to see who was friending me were: 1) Oh! It's Ken... how lame. And, 2) it was a spambot account.

    Here's the thing with spambot accounts. As soon as you message them you get an "automated" response. Usually something like: "You're hot. Let's get to know each other."

    If you reply back with something like: "Hey! I want to [insert really lurid stuff here]."

    Within minutes you get a response like: "Hi! You sound nice. Are you interested in a nice girl?"

    Keep in mind the responses from the spambot are always full of bad grammar and misspellings. I had some Olivia [can't remember last name] friend me on FB. I sent a message asking if I knew her before I would even think about friending a stranger on FB. Especially an obvious "girl" phishing for whatever. The response I received back was like the one above. From there I just sent all kinds of weird and twisted messages back. The replies I received back were obviously a spambot because "she" never responsed/reacted to my twisted serial killer-type responses. I eventually got board and blocked "her."

    So, when Ken's fake Stacy Walker profile tried to friend me I sent a message first. The responses were from a real person and answered my questions, etc. The responses, bad grammar, crap for spelling, etc confirmed it was Ken.

  7. I blocked her because "she" was pretty persistent about hitting me with a message everytime i logged on. Questions went from generic, "how are you...??" to at one point saying, "So you made a movie....?" I think she did that to one of the actors on the project as well. Anyway still not sure but I didn't feel comfortable with all the questions so she's gone. Looks pretty good for a 60 year old though. lol

  8. It is definitely depressing to see this unpleasantness given to us instead of an actual update. It is also sad that the KoDT supporters are targeted so often by Ken Whitman's mean mouth. I don't recall Ken Whitman being this nasty with Traveller supporters. Maybe Ken Whitman needs to stop, breathe and count to ten before turning his computer on. He has has threatened violence against others many times before (see RPG.net archives "RapidPOD at Gen Con")) and it is sad to see him so worried/weepy when someone else (quite wrongly in this case) offers the same treatment back to him.

  9. Richard I think that's because KODT was first in the scam-conga line, the largest KS of the six and the one that got blasted by Ken's spam-tsunami the longest and the hardest. Upset backers and a longer ordeal in trying to get details, dates AND product in hand. So we were the most vocal. So Ken quickly saw us as the enemy.


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