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Sunday, July 24, 2016

2016.07.24 A Great 1st Hand Account

2016.07.24 A Great 1st Hand Account
Today we got an unexpected email via our contact form/widget from Luke Heller.

Who is Luke Heller?

KoDT:LAS Executive ProducerHe is the one guy listed as an "Executive Producer" that isn't from KenzerCo. You know....this guy....

....anyway, the Facebook Messenger posts that we showed the other day were sent to Luke from Ken "Whit" Whitman. As part of that exchange, Ken "Whit" Whitman alleged that Luke was one of the few who had profited off of the KoDT:LAS Kickstarter.

It seemed pretty clear to us that Ken "Whit' Whitman was trying to coax some cash out of Luke (again), but that is just conjecture on our part. It was good to get some 1st hand accounting that meshed with the background information we had:

"I am the Luke being messaged by Ken in that screenshot.

I am just going to clear up one thing about that message.  It's in reference to me profiting from KODT: LAS.

During the live KODT: LAS Kickstarter Ken approached me and asked for a personal loan.  I spoke to Jolly first about Ken and his validity.   Everything was on the up-and-up.

After negotiations I loaned Ken 7 or 8 thousand dollars.  We had a signed contract that he would pay me back in full by a certain time after the Kickstarter ended.

A month after the KS ended saw my loan in arrears.  He and I traded texts and phone calls.   On the last day of the KODT: LAS shooting as Ken was getting ready to take me to the airport he gave me two checks from him that would pay me back in full for my personal loan to him.

The checks bounced.

More texts and phone calls were exchanged between us.   After many months and me being very, very patient and agreeable he paid me back in full with an extra $1K to cover expenses I was hit with over time because he broke our legal contract.  Such as the bounced checks fee and interest fees I was hit with.

I in no way profited as Ken implies in that message to me.  Especially when one considers that our legal contract he and I had guaranteed me points for every digital download of the KODT: LAS.   Which, after talking to Jolly over the years, I now don't believe Ken ever had the legal right to do.

There is quite more to my dealings with Ken.   Jolly and a few other people know the whole story and I believe it was chronicled elsewhere.  But in my false hopes that Ken will step up and do the right thing I'll keep them to myself right now.

Thank you for keeping this site and allowing me to clear up a few things.

Luke Heller"

By our accounting, the last day of the KoDT:LAS shoot would be a little more than a month after Ken "Whit" Whitman's Spinward Traveller funded, and a couple months after that would be Ken 'Whit' Whitman's Castles & Crusades payday. Six to eight months after the KoDT:LAS shoot would be the paydays for Pencil Dice, RPG Pencil Dice, and Deck Dice.

Ken "Whit" Whitman Kickstarter Timeline

Now Luke didn't give us the timeline for repayment from Ken "Whit" Whitman, but we did hear in that interview, that Ken "Whit" Whitman did funnel money from the Pencil Dice campaign(s) into earlier projects and the time-frame may very well coincide, proving that Ken "Whit" Whitman didn't funnel money into working on the other projects per se, but instead paid back loans allegedly used on those projects.

Any additional information that Luke wants to share would be most beneficial.....


  1. In Ken speak profited means getting what he owed you. Because there are several other people over the decades who could never claim that. The question I got is what ever happened to that High end copier from last year?

  2. Luke is being very nice. He got jerked around like everyone else who made that shoot possible - except he had more on the line (money wise) than anyone else there. In fact, and I didn't know this at the time, his loan made the shoot possible.

    Luke was a champion in all this.

    1. I find it utterly astonishing that, with the successful and highly funded 120,000 kickstarter (70k plus donations), that an extra personal loan of 8,000 was required to make the shoot possible.

  3. <<KODT, Spinward Traveller and C&C will premier at GEN CON 2015. After the show we will be shipping out all DVDs and such. Pencil Dice have just shipped from China and should start shipping stateside in the next 30 days<< Ken/June 2 2016

    1. Even if it were June 2 3050, they still wouldn't be done yet.


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