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Not Another Dime! is dedicated to documenting the assorted, and sometimes wild, details of Mr. Ken Whitman's business dealings within the Role Playing Game (RPG) industry. This place is NOT intended to be a medium of discussion about Mr. Whitman, pro or con, but instead be a "jumping off" point to enable the reader to make their own informed decision about Mr. Whitman's history and business character.

Whenever possible, links to the original source material will be provided, but in many cases that information may have been deleted or secured behind restricted-access (like a private Facebook page) accounts.

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Ken Sez

Ken Sez the Funniest Things!
A quick down-n-dirty rundown of Ken Whitman words on the interwebs (with links where available) sorted by date. You cannot make some of these things up! Some of this might not make some sense unless you dive into the issues/projects as a whole and/or familiarize yourself with the pertinents. Otherwise posted commentary-free.

Nothing has been edited for grammar or punctuation, but statements have been shortened to highlight "the good stuff".

It is important to note that some of the documented hyperlinks may not function because in some cases Ken "Whit" Whitman had control over the source (like his many Facebook pages) and deleted them or made them otherwise inaccessible. The links were valid at the time of posting to this page.

2005.09.19 RPG.net: "Failed? I'm good friends with Margaret Weis, Larry Elmore, Jamie Chambers, Tim Bradstreet, Jeff Easily, Lester Smith, Jim Ward, Dan Frazier, etc. etc. ...I have their personal home phone numbers in my cell phone. I love them and we are all best friends, if that a 'Failure' then yes... I guess Im the bigest failure you know in the game industry!!!!"

2007.08.24 RPG.net: "If I'm half as evil as you wish I was then why am I still here?!! They answer is I'm freaken talented, oozing with creativity, and people love me because Im fun to be around, and oh yeah, I MAKE THEM MONEY!"

2007.08.27 Enworld: "I make wise business decisson and I make lots of money in the gaming industry. I deal with the best people and know all the insiders. People, who may or may not like me, deal with me because i make them money......As for people who slander me, i could care less... If its true, why has no one sued me? The reason is... its not true!"

2007.08.31 RPG.net: "Look a whole group of internet stockers following me around. How cute. See what you can find about my college football days, maybe see I was all-state football in 1985. Or look to see that in 1994-1995 I grew GEN CONs attendance by 22% ... each year. Or find my 200 year old hotel worth over 6 million. OR look up and see that I have sold more copies of games and magazines then EVERYONE stalking me on this list. Let me end this thread with one last question...If you people are so smart, how come your not rich?"

2014.02.02 KoDT:LAS Kickstarter: "the deal with d20 Ent is they are getting copies of the final book from us at a discount. There’s no cross over with Kenzer and Company's webstore/accounting."

2014.02.10 KoDT:LAS Kickstarter: "So, just want you to know we will be checking in here regularly to make sure you all are updated on our progress. You are very important to us."

2014.06.22 KoDT:LAS Kickstarter: "The physical books should ship this week - If you ordered the DMG, it will be ready ion a few months."

2014.09.11 KoDT:LAS Kickstarter: "Most everyone has their books, except for two people. Bryan, you are one of them. We will be shipping shortly and we will throw in a free shirt. Please send us your size. :-)"

2014.12.19 KoDT:LAS Kickstarter: "We are going the extra mile for you guys, please bear with us, it will be worth it!"

2015.01.24 KoDT:LAS Kickstarter: "Yes you get front row and a special after party with the actors!"

2015.01.29, 2015.01.30, 2015.02.03, 2015.02.22  KoDT:LAS Kickstarter: "I am sorry thats our business model does not work for you. If there is anything I can do for you, please send me a personal e-mail at sales@d20entertainment.com."

2015.02.23 KoDT:LAS Kickstarter: "We will be taking down our merchandise links today of the d20E website.....Please, update you address here on Kickstarter as we are shipping the KODT 20 Years of covers and we want you to get them in your hands ASAP!!!"

2015.03.08 KoDT:LAS Kickstarter: "We actually do fulfillment once a week. We will take care of your problem this week. I am sorry to say, your last boxed we shipped to you was returned for a wrong address. Probably our fault for writing it down wrong because thieves have very bad handwriting, or so i have been told. :-)"

2015.03.11 KoDT:LAS Kickstarter: "All the product and materials will be to each of you long before the promise date of AUG 1, 2015.....30 days prior to GEN CON, we will have a location to the afterparty......Books and checks will ship from now until the end of the month. If you do not have your d20 Years buy the end of the month"

2015.03.19 KoDT:LAS Kickstarter: "If you have not received your 20 years of covers book by March 31, please post here!!! And we will confirm it has or has not been shipped!"

2015.03.31 KoDT:LAS Kickstarter: "Hey Everyone, All the books ARE IN THE AIR! Please post when you receive yours!"

2015.04.06 Pencil Dice Update #39: "Pencil Dice... are in full production. We are running about 30 days behind due to manufacturing complications."

2015.04.17 KoDT:LAS Kickstarter: "We will have announcements next week about GEN CON, Actors and such.
All US Backers should have Books......All international Backers should have books by next week."

2015.05.05 Pencil Dice Update #40: "Pencil Dice are in full swing production. [...] However, I now have the quality pencil that you will be happy with and they are in full production. Here are the first ones to roll off."

2015.05.13 Pencil Dice Update #41: "Pencil Dice are on the move! PENCIL DICE are expected to arrive in the USA in the next 30 days!"

2015.05.20 KoDT:LAS Kickstarter: "Episode Two will premier on line in June 25th.....DVD and Extras will Ship Mid August"

2015.05.21 KoDT:LAS Kickstarter: "Backers who bout the "Theatrical Package" also get two tickets to the "After Party." Message to that group of backers have been sent. The room can hold up to 100 people, so yes we have room doe the 18 others in the Theatrical package."

"The Theatrical BACKERS Package Also includes admittance to the AFTER PARTY! No need to purchase one."

"The Elmore Movie Poster will come out ON the DVD itself in Mid August!"

"Some of the actors will be there, as well, other special guest!"

"Throwing a party at gen con is an added expense. Not promised in our Kickstarter. "

2015.05.26 Spinward Travellar Kickstarter: "Spinward Traveller will be avail for download to view at the end of July. DVDs will ship in August!"

2015.05.27 KoDT:LAS Kickstarter: "Let me clear up some confusion about the WORLD PREMIER Seating.
The show will last 70 minutes...Followed by 20 mins of Q&A, followed by 30 mins of autographs - posters provided. With a sold out room of 200 there U.S. No way we can answer everyone's questions or have time to give everyone autographs. So we will be accepting Q&A from the front row backers first. And they get to get autographs first.
If you don't fell that worth your money, I will be happy to refund you."

2015.05.31 KoDT:LAS Kickstarter: "Product will be shipping In August, as promised on this Kickstarter. "

2015.06.04 Blog Interview: "I am d20 Entertainment.  At one time there were 4 of us, but editing takes time, and funds run out.  So right now it’s me working 16 hour days 7 days a week"

"shipping rates when t up over the 18 months of production.  All of a sudden a $3,500 expense has become a $9,000."

"Making Tv pilots and movies is my dream.   So I have funneled in extra monies from pencil dice to keep editing & producing........I spend very little money on myself.  Every product I sell, every kickstarter I run, a majority goes into new and future projects."

"Because we did not hit certain goals, we are reusing the 200 issue cover with a few actors involved.  Not exactly like we planned but..."

"The after party will have an open bar and all the cast and crew are invited to attend.  It’s actually a chance to hobnob with the actors.  There will be soft drinks and finger food."

"At one time we thought that we might fund Fried Feild’s Kickstarter for him.  Fred decided to go with me just helping because i became so busy with my projects."

"Pencil Dice have just shipped from China and should start shipping stateside in the next 30 days"

2015.06.06 Facebook: "All kick starter movies are releasing at GEN con 2015....also many people want to throw up I asked business from seven years ago and act like that's how you are currently...."

2015.06.09 KoDT:LAS Kickstarter: "We are still tying up some loose ends with 20 Years of Covers. A few slipped through the cracks, some are being shipped daily. Eventually we will have them all out. Apologies for being late for a few of you.
All Product including and Elmore Movie Poster will be shipping in August! So please, please be patient.
Two Weeks before Gen Con we will email out tickets to the show for those of you who get them. Once gain, please be patient with us."

2015.07.28 KoDT:LAS Kickstarter: "Rendering the RAW Edition of KODT thats will appear at GEN CON.....There will not be a Q&A - However, I will be bringing a roll of bloopers to takes its place.
If you have bought tickets for preferred seating, Find me i will be standing outside the door. Look forward to seeing everyone."

2015.07.28 YouTube: "We thought we'd have all three episodes done by..today, uh an we're actually very close. We're about two weeks away. Uh, we still have to do scoring and music.....As far as anyone missing books, uh this is what we're doing for right now. We are not selling any product on our website.  We have discontinued selling until we get everyone caught up......by the end of August we will get everything taken care of."

2015.07.28 Pencil Dice Update #44: "There were delays due to getting the product to look right. Product is still shipping from China, Retail Orders are on hold until we see first hand what the products look like."

2015.07.29 KoDT:LAS Kickstarter: "Huston, we have a d20 After party! If you have tickets to our afterparty... you should have an e-mail. Thank care!"

2015.08.03 KoDT:LAS Kickstarter: "Seems that on 7/29/15 the Gen Con staff decided to cancel everything except the premieres. So I am sorry we were not there for the extra shows.
I had heard, from the GEN CON staff, that I had a death threat and so they decided to cancel all the extra shows. I was not even allowed to leave the room once I enter it.
Now, we did have a great time, and a great d20E after party. So no matter how nasty some people can get, the show went on to a full room and everyone loved it."

2015.08.07 KoDT:LAS Kickstarter: " I don't want anyone to believe that they did not get their money for this wonderful project."

"Sent out invites to everyone who paid for the afterparty. Actually held it at the slippery noodle in at 11pm on Thursday."

"They d20 After party happened. It was at the slippery Noodle at 11pm June30th. E-mail were sent 24hrs ahead of time. If a backer choose not to come, well I can't be responsible for that."

"I appreciate that you knew I was having a d20E after party and that you invited the backers to yours."

"If I were officially invited  and i could pay for drinks $300 of drinks it it were officially - co-sponsored by d20E I would be happy to attend and move my party with you"

2015.08.21 KoDT:LAS Kickstarter Backer-Update: "We are in the final stages of finish up episode 2 & 3.  Expect to have a meeting with Kenzerco this coming week.  After that its print and ship!"

2015.09.14 KoDT:LAS Kickstarter Backer Update: "Here is our proposed schedule for KODT: LAS  Download for backers....Episode 1: Sept 14  Episode 2: Sept 21  Episode 3: Sept 27  DVDs Will Ship in October.........If you are missing any product, we will be shipping the DVD at the same time."

2015.09.21 KoDT:LAS Kickstarter Backer Update: "Just Keeping you informed. The Download for episode 2 is postponed until tomorrow by 7 PM. Sorry for the delay."

2016.01.17 Tenkar's Tavern: "Look everyone, I'm hiding in plain sight! Oh and my phone number is on my Facebook page an kickstarter, and it the same number I have had for 5 years. But no one wants to call me, just talk shit on line. "

"I am willing to answer all your questions. The interview will cost $500. Otherwise, not worth my time."

"Because he has committed no crime that would put him in jail. Half of this shit on sites are made up, and I am using other peoples equipment in a studio I work at. So, keep assuming, because it makes an ass out of you."

"To commit a crime, one has to have the INTENT to defraud. My bills on each product far exceed the money taken in. They only thing I am guilty of is being an idiot and spending more then I made."

2016.01.19 Tenkar's Tavern: "Nope, I would tell the real story of how stupid I was for trusting you without a contract. And how I spent 15k on hiring employees and infastructure to do KODT audio books only for you to say no after I told you I would not work with your wife after she cursed at me.

That's about 9 months before the release date of KODT, the month you started attacking me on line. AND orginizing groups. 

Basically shutting down all revenue for d20 to continental work. 

You sir are the mastermind behind d20 going under, so why has Kenzerco not taken Ken Whitman to court. 

Because the ugly truth will come out publicly and they don't want Jolly to look like the behind the sceans backstabbing asshole he is.


Oh wait, jolly so cute and cuddly and awesome. Yeah right! Wait till his God fearing wife calls you a mother fucker."

2016.03.17 Tenkar's Tavern (Facebook Screen-Shots): "Ed Krammer? LOL, i guess he's ok. Yeah, I stayed with him for a week or so till I got settled down here. I stop in from time to time to talk with him"
"Masterbate thinking about me which you already do LOL "
"DA Danny Porter, they guy after him is in the KKK and hates jews."

2016.04.16 YouTube "...when I'm not working on my day job I'm trying to finish up Traveller and Knights of the Dinner Table. I'm about 90% done, and this will get done..."

2016.07.25 KoDT:LAS Update: "Jolly will acts concerned when other people have crossed the line, but will he say... hey, this is too far?! No, he wont. His own daughter would not be happy with his current choices! Jolly, be a man and protect peoples children!"

"Ben - project [KoDT:LAS]is done. Waiting on Traveller to be finished up, so I can ship at the same time and save money thats I don't currently have."

"In the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA we have a court system. This is where we take our problems. Ryan Pitts has been turned into the FBI as of today.
I have MANY acts of JOLLY treading the line of Harrasment. Why have I not turned Jolly in? Because I respect him, and I have messed up pretty bad, and I am giving him the binnifit of the doubt.
I am however, inches away from saying, a federal crime is a federal crime and someone needs to stop this man! Please, backers, send Jolly messages telling him to take it to court and quit breaking the law. Inciteing a lynch mob is criminal. If you stand behind this mentality, you stand behind the bullies that caused many fat people, gay people, nerds... to commit suicide.
Reaize people, you are the bad guys here!"

2016.08.17 KoDT:LAS Comments: "I would like to apologize To Mr. Desy for emailing him...
Now, put on your big girl panties, log off from the wi-fi in your mom’s basement and find a job. You can’t live on disability from a social disorder all your life."

"I think 10 emails "IN 48 HOURS" from "Louis J Desy Jr" is considered Harassment."

2016.08.18 Whit Studios Facebook Page: "Find a sugar momma or sugar daddy that can help your dreams come true. See easy. Now go find one!"

2016.09.13 KoDT:LAS Update Comments: "I did plan to send out DVDs, but then thought how unfair it would be if some people got them and some did not."

2016.10.08 Jolly Blackburn's Facebook Page: "Im not holding the (KoDT:LAS) footage hostage. I don't need money to release them. They will be shipping out with Traveller by Aug 1st, 2017 or sooner. Sure extra money could speed up the process, but I am working my way out of this the old fashion way. BUT working and spending my own money. Its it talking a long time... yep! But there ya go!"

2016.11.26 Tenkar's Tavern: "I am not running from the LAW, The LAW can find me anytime. The reason I was not served, is I have done nothing illegal. Can people serve me for small claims and civil, sure they can. Just like I could sue you Erik, but like me, you don't own shit, so it would be am empiric victory.

So enjoy waiting more time haters & Happy holidays."

"Im sorry, my friend, my lawyers have already looked into your financial background. If you have to have over 250k in assets for it to be worth their time, nether you, Jolly count. Or me for that matter. And that is why you wont see legal action. Its not just about right and wrong, but no one gives a shit what us poor people do. And yes, any one who has less then $250k are considered poor."

"While your writing about my past, I will be creating a better future. Take care, assholes."

2017.01.29 Not Another Dime (For Ken Whitman) Comment: "Already moved on. You're always three months behind."

2017.02.26 KoDT Facebook Group: "Still on schedule for Aug 1, 2017"

2017.04.08 Not Another Dime (for Ken Whitman): "If i get my projects done, then what do you say. Oh I'm sorry for making it hard on you. 

Just like when you said i wasent a chance in hell i would be on Walking dead? And I was.

You sir, have no balls and hide behind this blog as a nameless peice of shit. 

I think you are a hipocrate and you know damn good and well if you post your true identy It would be bad for you. 

You are a coward, unlike me."

2017.10.22 Tenkar's Tavern: "I use to worry myself about you Jolly, now I just pity you. What a dark vile man spending hours hating me. Creating misinformation about me so you can get people to troll me and make my life hell."

"But to answer your question: I do remember my Kickstarters, I deal with them every day. Do you remember what its like to write inventive funny stories? Kind of hard to do so when you full of vile and hate"

"My M.O. is to tell the truth based on the information I have today.

To all my Haters, Use the court system."

"Oh wait. What if the story I told was ALL true. Would that blow your little minds?!

The bad part of this, well at least for me is, when it comes out to be true... someone will say. 

Well thats what you get KEN for being a fraud yourself. And to that guy I say... Fuck you. And if you wish bad things upon people... then fuck you too. Have a great day!"

2018.02.13 A Walk in the Dark Blog: "I could talk about the online slander/libel posed many times over the past two years about never turning over the footage, but why open old wounds, they fact is I did turn it over to ZOE.

I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I enjoyed directing them. I will continue to work on this project in my free time, hopefully finishing up the project in the near future."

"From here on out, I will only respond to questions from people who are backers of my project. Please state what item your were a backer of and your questions."

In response about a Pencil Dice inquiry "with the sucess of my store i have been able to afford two heat foil machines so i can prodyce them myself. I have placed an order from the machines coming from china,"

In response about turning over KoDT:LAS video files "Lets you and me sign a contract jolly and i will start hunting down files."

2018.04.17 Facebook : "As of 7:20 pm tonight, I am no longer manager/owner of Little Monsters Games & Comics, LLC. I will be staying on till the end of the month to help with the transition of new owners. I will begin persuing a full time career in the motion picture industry as well as finishing up some unfinished kickstarter business. I appreceate all of your who have helped my time at Little Monsters as incredable experience."

2018.04.24 Facebook: "TONIGHT at Midnight Deactivating my account for a bit. Taking time to finish up my Kickstarters and a few other creative venues. If you have any last words, now is the time to PM me!"

2018.07.26 Supreme Court of New York Filing: "On July 25th, 2018, backers of the KODT Kickstarer were delivered 3 DVDs based on the footage shot from the funds collected from our Kickstarter. Whereas, we have not completly_all oblagations, we are 95% there and making progress!"

2018.12.13 Spinward Traveller Facebook Page (and Twitter): "This project has apparently failed to get to completion for lack of funds, and perhaps for other reasons. It was a great idea, and a lot of people put into it a great deal of effort. If someday, the files and editing skill emerge, we may still see it on the small screen."


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