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Not Another Dime! is dedicated to documenting the assorted, and sometimes wild, details of Mr. Ken Whitman's business dealings within the Role Playing Game (RPG) industry. This place is NOT intended to be a medium of discussion about Mr. Whitman, pro or con, but instead be a "jumping off" point to enable the reader to make their own informed decision about Mr. Whitman's history and business character.

Whenever possible, links to the original source material will be provided, but in many cases that information may have been deleted or secured behind restricted-access (like a private Facebook page) accounts.

Anything posted here is the opinion of the retrospective author and any content shown is to be considered "fair use" and posted for educational purposes only.

Note to authors: Please begin each post with the original date of the event being documented in the format of YYYY.MM.DD (i.e. If the event being recorded happened on March 15th, 2015 and today's date was August 8th, 2018 the beginning of the post's title would be 2015.03.15 and not 2018.08.08) so readers can use the Chronology page to find specific information. Please use appropriate tags when possible for the same reason.

Note to contributors: If you have some valid data to send, screenshots, links to other Ken Whitman stories, etc., please feel free to send a gmail to notanotherdimeblog. We'll look into it and post if appropriate.


This is an incomplete list of the many named "businesses" Ken Whitman has tried to do business under. So far research has shown several of these to be mythical organizations in the strictly-legal sense. Now these are the "companies" that were "his"......or he claimed were "his".

???? - ????  "The Abstract"
1989 -????  Whit Productions Inc.
1992-1998  Whit Publications, Inc.
1995-1996  Imperium Games (Co-Founder & President)
1996-2001  Dynasties Productions/Dynasty Presentations, Inc.
1997-1998  Archangel Entertainment
1997-1998  Game Corps
2003-2015  Ken Whitman & Associates
2004-????   www.mapsandthings.com
2005-2008  Rapid POD Printing, Inc.
2005-2007  Rapid POD Publishing
2007-2007  Fantasy Art Wear LLC
2008-2008  Better Clear LLC
2008-2011  Hotel*
2011-????  Digital Print Quote
2011-2012  5 Star Barbarians
2015           Sidekick Printing
2013           Ken Whitman Games
2013-2015 d20 Entertainment LLC
2016-2016 Whit Whitman Film Group
2016-          Whit Studios
2017-          Little Monster Games & Comics

This is a work-in-progress....

*One of the actual owners of this property asked that we remove their name from this list because "we do not want any association with Ken". Although Ken Whitman did claim to own this property.....I can't refuse this simple request.


  1. I think you can put 2015 as an end for d20 Enertainment. The guy has clearly taken down the sign and turned out the lights.

    1. Unfortunately, as of right now, d20entertainment.com is back up.

      All links to selling anything are gone, but one can still see those pages by doing a search for "store"..

    2. Just of for the record, even though he sent out an email via kickstarter about Spinward Traveller "d20entertainment.com" goes 404, which means it has an ip address,(ping shows it as RDNS gives the domain of perfora.net) but no index.html or similar page. Whois shows it expires 09-sep-2016, just in case any one might want it....

  2. Once or twice a year, I look at my failed projects that I backed. There are 3 in over 400 kickstarters. Thank you Ken Whitman.


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