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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

2016.01.20 Jolly's a Better Man Than Me.....

2016.01.20 Jolly's a Better Man Than Me.....
I've been forwarded a blog post comment from Jolly Blackburn to Ken (or Whit) Whitman. According to Jolly, this was also sent via email.

I simply cannot see any reason for Ken Whitman to not take Jolly up on this offer, which is a bit of a shame since IIRC similar offers have been made in the past. I'm sure some of the details might be different, but the broad strokes were there.

"Turn over the raw footage to Ben Dobyns​/ZOE* so they can help edit it and salvage something for backers (if that offer is still on the table that is) as you promised OR 'fess up to backers that you lost the footage (some of us are starting to suspect that's actually what has happened).

Jolly's Tavern post
Do that and I won't comment publicly about you ever again.

Just let the backers have the movie they paid for and which has already been filmed.

Surely that's fair.

I now there's no chance backers we'll  see the soft bound books, posters, dvds, etc. That's an issue you'll still have to contend with and between you and them.

But having a 'best cut' possible of the three episodes filmed would be something. The backers, actors and crew who worked so hard to make this happened deserve that.

Do that - provide the raw footage and we're done. I'll not post about you online. Best part of this offer is it won't cost you a dime. Just do an upload or mail a thumb drive to Ben. (I'll even cover postage and the cost or the thumb drive).


* And if Ben can't work it into his schedule I'm sure we can find someone to help."

Wow......will be interesting to see how this shapes out. Couldn't be any worse than things are now for the hapless backers.


  1. There's no way Whitman will take him up on it. As you said: It's reasonable. By this point, Ken Whitman has dug his heels in and doubled down far too many times.

  2. Kenny admitting he's in a deep, deep hole of his own creation? Admitting he lied and galactically f**ked up? It'll never happen. In fact, Kenny's probably thinking he has yet another bargaining chip. "Look at him begging me! I've got him over a barrel. Now to demand more money to release the files/do more editing/whatever bullshit flies through my brain."

  3. Sorry for this continuing drama, folks. I sincerely hope getting the footage at promised will at least let salvage the film itself - which was the core goal of the project. That part should be doable if Ken still has it. And would allow him to focus on some of the other issues which my prodding him.

    So far no reply. But it's still early.

    1. You don't have anything to apologize for, Jolly. You are as much a victim in this whole ordeal as the Kickstarter backers, actors, and other partners are. I'm sure people appreciate you continuing to invest your time into getting *some kind* of resolution in place.

    2. Jolly, please don't go silent on this guy. The public needs to know about the things that he does/how he operates and plays. Many backers (myself among) got involved with him because we simply did not know about him. As a TTraveller backer, I simply did not make the connection between who he was (The Imperium Games/ Sweetpea Entertainment debacle, RapidPOD ripoffs, failed KS projects and etc). Many of us did not know who this guy was and we lost our money. Your updates have been incredibly helpful.

    3. I hear you loud and clear, Crowley. I had hoped Ken would respond and at least confirm if the missing raw footage existed or not. A lot of fans, friends and family put in their hard earned dollars to see those episodes. I think I owe it to them to secure it so they can eventually see it as intended.

      Ken has been silent. No response. Exactly what he has done in the past with his other failed ventures.

      I will continue to update backers and prod this guy until we at least get some answers.

    4. And again, many thanks to the host of this blog and for all his hard work. Regardless of how the KODTLAS fiasco turns out at least there's a detailed record here (in Ken's own words/actions).

      Google is your friend indeed.


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