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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

2018.02.14 You Cannot Spell Valentines Day Without a Big "D"

2018.02.14 You Cannot Spell Valentines Day Without a Big "D"
(Editor's Note: Why did somebody let Ken "Whit" Whitman have an outlet?!)

The last 24 hours have been far more interesting that any of us at Not Another Dime (For Ken Whitman) would like it to be. While we are glad that the KoDT:LAS Backers have some level of closure.

Of course now some of those backers are wondering where their other promised/paid for items are.....

Even though Erik Tenkar (Tenkar's Tavern) gave Ken "Whit" Whitman an opportunity to use his popular blog as am unedited forum to explain his side of things, our main-man decided to use David Flor's Blog: A Walk in the Dark instead. Please go ahead and read the entry over there, but the pertinent part we're most interested in is:
2018.02.13 Blog Post

"About 2 years ago, I turned over the KODTLAS footage to Z.O.E. and today, both ZOE and Jolly Blackburn, announced are releasing all three Episodes of KODTLAS.

Now matter how much I may not enjoys Jolly's company personally, I can not belittle his amazing talent. Jolly is a true genius when it comes to storytelling and everyone at Kenzer was top notch to work with.

It was never my intention to take this long for people to see all three episodes, but due to a turn of events in my life, it did not allow me to financially keep working on the project. I messed up ran out of funds, and had a hard time paying for the project to continue out of my own pocket.

I could talk about the online slander/libel posed many times over the past two years about never turning over the footage, but why open old wounds, they fact is I did turn it over to ZOE.

I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I enjoyed directing them. I will continue to work on this project in my free time, hopefully finishing up the project in the near future.

To Jolly, Kenzer, the actors, the crew. It was an honor working with you.

- Ken Whitman"

A casual reader of this blog probably won't catch some of the right-out falsehoods, misdirects, and BS that comes standard with an online post made by Ken "Whit" Whitman.

Normally we'd pick apart his commentary and specifically point out, with sources, everything wrong with his statement. This time, however, we'll just let the primary sources involved cut us out largely as the middleman. The comments to this post at the A Walk in the Dark contain most of what we need and we'll share that here instead.

In response to some specific & direct questions regarding his Kickstarters:
Ken "Whit" Whitman
2018.02.14 Ken Whitman BS"From here on out, I will only respond to questions from people who are backers of my project. Please state what item your were a backer of and your questions.

Thank you."

Nathan C"Ken, I was a backer of four of your kickstarters. (KODT, Traveller, Castles & Crusades, and RPG Pencil Dice) Now that I have covered my being a backer, my questions.

1) Why was the original footage never handed over to ZOE?
1a) Will you turn it over to them now? You have said above that you still have it after all.
2) What work is left to do on getting Spinward Traveller finished?
3) Is there a plan to get the Pencil Dice produced and out to backers?"

Ken "Whit" Whitman
"1) it was given to ZOE 2 years ago. there were 4 or 5 clips that were lost and low res footage was used.

2) see above

3) i am working with Marc to release the green screen edition shown at Gen Con. No date has been determined for the final.

4) with the sucess of my store i have been able to afford two heat foil machines so i can prodyce them myself. I have placed an order from the machines coming from china,"

Ben Dobyns
"In the interest of keeping facts straight, several years ago Ken mailed me a hard drive that included a) ALL of the raw footage from Episode 1, b) SOME raw footage from episode 2, and c) ZERO raw footage from episode 3."

Now for the next round of comments:
Jolly Blackburn
2018.02.14 Ken Whitman BS"My only response here will be this.

If you have the time or inclination simply go read the comments on KODTLAS kickstarter and updates. Read Ken’s own words on the project. If you want to save time you can read a compilation quotes/statements (with citations/sources here: http://notanotherdime.blogspot.com/p/ken-s.html). Again, Ken in his own words without editorial commentary.

As I told Ken last night in an email, my only desire these past four years has been for the episodes backers paid for to be seen. That has now been accomplished thanks to Ben. Happily, I can close this chapter in my life and move on.

I wish Ken luck on finishing his kickstarter projects.

If he ever decides to release a final edit of the film project to backers, I’m sure they’d be grateful. I myself would love to see that. Especially the blooper reel and on set diaries. Or even the cast commentary that was recorded to go on the DVD.

I encourage him to do that in fact (Although the license now having lapsed might need to be addressed)."

Ken "Whit" Whitman
"The White Elephant in the room is that Jolly has had access to footage for years now, but has posted several times that he did not.

Does he have access to the RAW files no.

The SPIN here could be be considered lible as many belive anything was provided.

Secondly, been had negotiated the raw files from me almost 2 years ago, this is what I didn’t have any money, and jobless, I requested that they spend $200 on a hard drive. Jolly refused to provide one saying that it was my own problem, deal with it.

Feel free to believe whatever spin you want about me, the truth is somewhere in the middle 🙂"

Ben Dobyns
"Ken is referring to 480p MP4s of his assembly edits, compressed at a low bit rate and not suitable for delivery. The existence of those edits was never a secret. Ken is also neglecting to mention my offer to send a mutual friend to his then-residence in Atlanta and copy the original footage on site from his hard drive. This would have been a more secure option for everyone than sending more cash in exchange for promises of future action."


  1. And after the statements you listed... Ken stated he still has the original footage and could turn it over at any time if someone paid for a drive and drove over to do so. And so I did both with Jolly's blessing. Offered to pay for a new drive and take the time from my business to go get them. And then suddenly the immediate offer to hand them over is now ... "well I need a new contract from Kenzer to do so" (which is an utter and outright falsehood as confirmed by Jolly). Got his bluff called in the comments for that one.

  2. And wanted to add this as a possible update for the quotes page as its a major change in story being told:

    2016.04.16 YouTube "...when I'm not working on my day job I'm trying to finish up Traveller and Knights of the Dinner Table. I'm about 90% done, and this will get done..."

    2018.02.14 A Walk in the Dark blog "It takes mr 8hrs to edit 90 sec of greenscreen. I can do about 8hrs a week at best. Now that i have income, possabilties of restarting work is good. I am about 30% done [with Traveller]."

  3. The copyright-holding companies should emphasize to Kenny that no promises will be believed, only concrete results will be believed. No further cash should be handed over. If he has 30% done or 90% done or whatever he says, insist on an interim release of that 30% or 90%. If he leaves it in spoken words in the air, it's all pretty Silly-Putty, wibbly-wobbly shimmers, and we can't view that.
    We are an Evidence-Based Society for hundreds of years now. Most humans understand that. I am probably insulting most of you with this kindergarten ABC stuff. But someone here needs it.

  4. Let me get this straight; If I had just sent Ken a hard drive, he would have turned the footage over months or even years ago?

    If that is true, why did Ken NEVER ask me for one?

    1. If you had sent him a hard drive, Ken would now have an additional hard drive.

    2. @LouisDesyjr ... to be clear ... Ken never asked for a drive. He repeatedly asked Jolly to send him $200 so he could go buy a drive himself.

      But yes ... pretty sure if you had sent him a hard drive that Ken would just now have an additional hard drive.

      He doesn't want the help. Jamie was willing to drive over to his place in Atlanta and download all the data but then Ken kept adding conditions on that happening. Just like on the 14th. I offered to drive down to his comic shop and buy a drive and do the download myself of all the files and then leave with that drive since Ken said he was willing to allow someone to do that. But then as soon as I said I would do what he said he was willing to do ... all of a sudden ... w he needs a contract with Kenzer which is not true at all as he already had a contract with Kenzer for that data. Same thing happened with Jamie in Atlanta ... Ken says I'll give you the data but then comes up with any reason he can to make sure you actually cannot come and get the data.

      Sending him $200 or an additional hard drive would have just meant giving those to Ken as a gift.

  5. Just to add, Ken's offer to put the footage on a hard drive (which by contract he was obligated to do once it was shown at GenCon a few years ago) always came with demands/conditions. For example that I now personally mention his name or bring up the kickstarter for five years. Which is absurd since he hasn't fulfilled his obligations to kenzerco or the backers.

    1. He wanted you to mention his name? Is that correct? You mean like a good reference?
      Or is there a type and Whitman wants you to NOT mention his name?

    2. I think Jolly meant that Ken's most recent demands/conditions were that Jolly can't speak his name in public or bring up the Kickstarters for five years.

      Of course I also think that Kenny thinks Jolly is behind this blog, and if he has a new contract with these restrictions he'll be able to FINALLY get the FBI to take this menace (Jolly) down!

    3. I am glad to report that Whitman finally did communicate with me several times over the past few days by text messages from his cell phone.

      I was hurt at first because Whitman did not seem to know who I was, even though I put it in my first text to him, and expected that since I always put my name in my emails and letters to him with my full name, address, phone number and email address; that he would have remembered me.

      After having no response from Whitman to my more recent emails, with one email account full and not accepting any more emails and the other seemed to be no longer in use, I sent my first text message 02/20/2018 at 12:06pm. After getting nothing back I sent a follow up message on 02/23/2018 14:14 and accused him of lying about turning over the raw footage to ZOE ever.

      Whitman replied back at 14:20:
      “How is ZOE editing the footage?”

      and at 14:22:
      “I am work8ng on DvDs.”
      (I assume work8ng is mis spelled and should be working.)

      And in typical classy ‘Whitman style’, as our conversation continued, when I inquired when Whitman would to start stealing from Marus (guy that Whitman either bought his store from or guy that Whitman runs the store for)

      Whitman texted me at 14:47
      “Have not started stealing from marcus. Too busy having sex with your mom.”

    4. Classic Kenny response. When his lies are pointed out, he always lashes ott with insults and vulgarity.

    5. What's funny is he's admitted to multiple females that have worked for Marcus including me that Marcus only likes what he can get from people so Ken is going to use him the same way. He's probably not going to steal from Marcus that's a really stupid thing to do especially if he wants Marcus to keep bailing him out of situations. It's a sad thing that he's pretending to be a true friend when in actuality he's using a guy as a scapegoat to be able to escape money troubles and various other shit he has admitted it. And when anyone says anything against it? He says look at Marcus he has no other actual friends. So Ken really thinks that because he can basically be Marcus's bitch he will keep getting bailed out. And that's true so he's not going to steal from Marcus.

      And what sucks is the actual friends that Marcus has he's turned his back on because of his rage and his inability to listen to others. Ken just agrees and follows.

  6. “About 2 years ago, I turned over the KODTLAS footage to Z.O.E. and today, both ZOE and Jolly Blackburn, announced are releasing all three Episodes of KODTLAS.”

    This statement by Ken Whitman is nothing but an absolute lie about turning over the raw footage.

    I contacted Whitman by email April 2016 and then followed it up with a demand letter on April 13, 2016 and communicated by email from time to time since then.

    If Whitman had delivered the raw footage, why didn’t he ever tell me in the multiple emails that I had with him over the past two years?

    If Whitman really had delivered the raw footage two years ago, so that would be around Feb 2016, why didn’t he say so when I emailed him the demand letter in April 2016?

    If Whitman really had delivered the raw footage two years ago, so that would be around Feb 2016, why didn’t he say so in any of the emails I have exchanged with him since then?

    Instead he just talks about, and I quote from Whitman’s last email to me, “how dumb you are” (you being me).

    In none of those communications did Whitman ever say he had delivered the raw footage to ZOE, as Whitman is obligated to under the terms of the project, and even kept posting updates online that he was continuing to work on making the promised DVDs!

  7. HI Guys,I knew there were some scams on kickstarter but didnt come across our friend thankfully. saw info about this in daniel youtube video and had a blast reading all your amazing work.
    Hope most of you can get justice or at least some closer.best regards guys.


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