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Sunday, February 26, 2017

2017.02.26 Ken "Whit" Whitman Still Kicking the Can Down the Road

2017.02.26 Ken "Whit" Whitman Still kicking the Can Down the Road
We here at Not Another Dime (For Ken Whitman) have problems recalling just how many times Ken "Whit" Whitman has put off/extended the deadline for his 1st failed Kickstarter that was the Knights of the Dinner Table: Live Action Series.

For a project that was due in August of 2015 and has been stated (multiple times) as being 90% done and/or "two weeks away", extending the time-frame out a year last August really feels like a ploy. By "kicking the can down the road" it feels like Ken "Whit" Whitman is simply trying to buy some time.....time from backers or maybe even time from prosecution.

2017.02.26 Ken "Whit" Whitman Still kicking the Can Down the Road
The thing is even if...and this is a big if, Ken "Whit" Whitman does manage to produce the completed KoDT:LAS product, he will still far far short of what was promised to backers as we've gotten word that he won't have the promised Elmore posters (doesn't have the legal rights to the artwork), it's too late to produce that "premier party" at GenCon 2015, and let's not even open the can of worms that was the KoDT: 20 Years of Covers book.

We were pretty surprised to see this Facebook update:
"KODT: LAS End Credit Outtakes. Still on schedule for Aug 1, 2017."

Our money is that this means the end credit outtakes will be ready on August 1st. Our sources have told us there have been several offers to finish the editing and even some distribution, for the fans, providing that Ken "Whit" Whitman hands over the footage.

Speculation is that the footage is lost or corrupted, which means that any schedule for release is meaningless.

It is interesting that Ken "Whit" Whitman has updated the Kickstarter for KoDT:LAS

"If you missed out on the KODT: Live Action Series, don't worry, log on to our website... http://www.d20entertainment.com"

Of course the URL goes to a 403 Error page, which also notes there is a 404 Error as well......
Failed attempt to get more KoDT:LAS money.....

We did also notice that less than an hour ago there is a new FB Group for "Knight of the Dinner Table Live action Series". Ken "Whit" Whitman cannot even spell the name of the group right, but that may be intentional to differentiate it from other, we assume legitimate, Facebook groups.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

2017.02.07 Important Wall of Facebook Text Regarding Ken "Whit" Whitman's "Work" in Atlanta

2017.02.07 Important Wall of Facebook Text Regarding Ken "Whit" Whitman's "Work" in Atlanta
We appreciate being forwarded an email using our online contact form regarding our hero Ken "Whit" Whitman's dealing with The Original Bossdiva RhondaK:

To all the cast and crew! As you know I have been in touch with many of you (ALL BY EMAIL) to keep you updated on my plans with my film projects. I have ABSOLUTELY No intention of abandoning it. Once we changed cast (some) and due to the on and off set issues with KEN WHITMAN I elected to halt the making of this project until such time my health, cast, crew and financial standpoint would allow me to move forward.

Another Unsatisfied Ken "Whit" Whitman Customer!
I honestly wanted to begin back in February after my court hearings for my herniated disc with my employer but due to extreme considerations, legal advise and friendly advice I elected to wait and begin again in April.

Most of the cast do not know me personally however there are a few people whom are cast and crew whom know me and have worked with me for a long time and know that I DO WHAT I SAY I WILL DO. Its very challenging to launch a project of this magnitude on your own finances and have the issues that I have encountered with this project but still willing to make it happen. In terms of monies, many I have paid and some I have not due to my injury I had to re-evaluate my finances and reach out to each of you to inform you of my situation so that you do not feel abandoned. Without going into any further details of my personal financial situations, know that I am in court this month after awaiting two continuations and will be satisfying my financial obligations with all whom have not been compensated. A month of so ago I posted a message to the fact without going into too much detail because some people on my page are not a part of this project.


The entire time I have worked on this project I have tried to be open, honest and fair. However working on set with Mr. Whitman proved to be a disaster EVERY time I stepped foot on to work with him. Almost every cast member complained about his belligerency and unprofessionalism. For the sake of the cast I continued to deal with it often times really biting my tongue for which I have not had to do working on the set with any professional crew mate in the past 10 years I have worked in film. I could not and did not ignore the voices of those who reached out to me. I was contacted by Union workers and people all over the world to include Kentucky, Florida, Tennessee and AUSTRALIA due to being warned that Mr. Whitman is a scam artist and has taken monies from people for film but never did the work or gave the work back. This is the situation I am in.

Upon meeting Ken and all the way through August I asked for my footage. I have an Editor whom has been with me through the filming of my reality show (we are in season 4), therefore I NEVER asked Ken to edit the film because I am pleased with Nick's work. However, from the beginning I asked Ken to complete a trailer so that I can introduce at least what we had to the world BEFORE VOTING A PRESIDENT. Regardless as to what your candidate choice was, I wrote a film about the 287G immigration program as I am very much so grounded in the Hispanic community and wanted to send a message to the world about the Dreamers and at minimum children whom were brought to the US and those whom deserve a fighting chance at MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Ken deliberately failed me on even starting the trailer. And yes he was PAID in full! Although Mr. Whitman was paid in full EVERY TIME we came to set it was something he needed. Due to his constant financial mishaps and or irresponsibility, I was giving him money all the dam time. I have cancelled checks from my bank, credit card payments and uncounted amounts of cash. Ken was even coming to my job (three times) I gave him money!

So to say the least I am livid and upset. What hurts me more is that although I knew (WAY AFTER the fact) he was in tons of trouble with people around the globe, I tried to be a friend. He has burned so many bridges its simply pathetic! I am pissed off!!!!! I have a page @TheoriginalBossDivaRhondaK where several victims reached out to me and I did not initially respond, but when he refused to give me back my footage, I took legal steps to bring him down as well as answer those messages and boy I opened a HUGE CAN of nasty! The amounts of monies at this point is close to a quarter million dollars. And yes for the record the FEDS are now actively pursuing my warrant application as well as investigating the claims in effort to incarcerate this man for a long time. Its never in my intention to hurt anybody, that's not my spirit however I was back and forth on moving forward only because I cared about this jerk and did not want to see him face more hardship but again NOTHING WILL STOP me now and I will be successful in obtaining the warrant!

At least three of your reached out to me to let me know that Ken also stole monies from you and did not complete the work. Its his history. Now, I too know that people talk shit and say things that are often times not true and post it on social media. I have had this happen at least twice in my life. However, nothing I am saying here is fabricated. I am willing and have given a police report as well as a sworn statement about this guy to the detectives working with case. For any of you whom has been on set with me and him at the same time, further confirmation is in his ridiculous bedside manners on set.

In closing, I know that some of you are friends with Ken BEFORE you met me and understand your loyalty to him. However, since this is now a legal matter, if you choose to continue to be in support of anything he is doing, including being a part of the ACC I ask that we part ways. If there is still a balance owed to you by me or my company BossDivaz Productionz, know that on the life of my children you will be paid. I simply ask that you send me an email to CastingNow.Divaz@gmail.com so that I now exactly what I am to do.

Before I move forward with this project I will pay out all 'owed and will be speaking with a few people to verify their characters and will also be replacing two roles. All monies this film will cost to complete will be managed by my Attorneys and will be kept in an escrow account so assure proper timely remittance of payments to cast.

I appreciate the loyalty of those who contacted me about Ken's post. For those of you whom are also speaking with me about the monies that Ken took and did not do the work or did not release your work, please contact me via DM so that I provide you with the details of the Gwinnett country Sgt and Detectives working with me on this case. I have tried to remain silent about this but today is all I can bare. I thank each and every one of you again for your support, listening and reaching out to me from time to time about my health, etc. Your love and loyalty is cherished. Thank you."

As a bit of an aside......Bossdiva, if you want to send us any appropriate legal "stuff" regarding our mutual "friend", we'll help share the word....
You Can Always Contact Us Here at:

Monday, February 6, 2017

2016.02.06 Ken "Whit" Whitman Frequently Seems to Have Hard Drive "Issues"

2016.02.06 Ken "Whit" Whitman Frequently Seems to Have Hard Drive "Issues"
Not going to be much of a post since this has already been covered by Tenkar's Tavern, but there is a bit of info not actually recorded there that probably needs to be saved for posterity, which is what we do here at Not Another Dime (For Ken Whitman).

The original Facebook post is here, but this is the pertinent information to share:

"At this point Sufflatus Lorem and Jolly Blackburn this has already gone to local federal and state authorities. I tried my best to work it out but I refuse to be a
Another "Happy" Ken "Whit" Whitman Customer (Not)
victim when I was a true friend. I've been contacted by several local victims of Mr. Whitman's deceit and am no longer willing to work with him. I released my hard drives to him and requested them back from him with verification that the work is present. I will not make such an exchange with an outside person and forfeit the opportunity to verify confirmation of the footage. Its likely its not even on the drive. I can't risk it. I owe several actors, have paid several, put many honest hours in this project and thousands of dollars in financial obligations to vendors for the use of their facilities. Im not going to walk away this time. With respect to my business partner/son Sean D Donley he will not be involved nor answer until we all stand before a Gwinnett Judge. I've suggested that Mr. Whitman release the work he has for others including the Kick starter victims but to no avail. Again, at this point several people are victims and I cannot in good, sincere standings stand back and do nothing. I've asked for months only to be ignored. I've moved on with authorities whom will get justice for all whom have been deceived. Thank you Mr. Blackburn and Mr. Lorem. You both have my contact information."

Sunday, February 5, 2017

2017.02.05 Instead of Working on Kickstarter Projects Ken "Whit' Whitman Still Glomming Onto The Walking Dead

2017.02.05 Instead of Working on Kickstarter Projects Ken "Whit' Whitman Still Glomming Onto The Walking Dead
Today is the 3 year "Anniversary" of the funding of Ken "Whit" Whitman's Kickstarter project Knights of the Dinner Table: Live action Series (Kodt:LAS). It has been 5 months since we've had an update and this project is roughly 18 months late.

Instead of working on KoDT:LAS we know Ken "Whit" Whitman has been trying to capitalize off of a non-speaking background role from an episode of The Walking Dead. Granted it was the finale from last season, but still.....

Today we learned that the "Pickaxe Survivor" is doing yet another "Meet & Greet", but this time it is at a pawnshop:
2017.02.05 Instead of Working on Kickstarter Projects Ken "Whit' Whitman Still Glomming Onto The Walking Dead

Happy Anniversary to all you suckers, we mean KoDT:LAS Backers.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

2017.01.24 Ken "Whit" Whitman (kind of) Updates His Resume

2017.01.24 Ken "Whit" Whitman (kind of) Updates His Resume
One of our readers sent us in a notification that Ken "Whit" Whitman has updated his LinkedIn profile.

We know....who cares?

We did take a look and found it amusing that while our main man can be bothered to update not only his skill at Photoshop, but upload a new banner graphic. For someone who is "skilled" at marketing, web design, social media, etc., you'd think that maybe, just maybe, he'd be able to manage a banner graphic that is more suited to the social media site at hand.

Now, since we've seen his recent "fan film", we know where the graphic came from. If you weren't familiar though....pretty much a waste.

Taking a look at the profile (LinkedIn account required) we see that Ken "Whit" Whitman still claims to be in the Atlanta area and still President of the Atlanta Actors Co-Op....

Well, he cannot be expected to make important updates to LinkedIn...being the social media expert and all.

2017.01.24 Ken "Whit" Whitman (kind of) Updates His Resume