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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

2016.11.16 Ken "Whit" Whitman Posts About a Public Appearance

2016.11.16 Ken "Whit" Whitman Posts About a Public Appearance
Our Main Man Ken "Whit" Whitman again tries to hide and self-promote all at the same time. Not quite sure if he gets it yet or not, but these two actions are not quite congruent.....kind of like stating that his phone number is available online for those wanting to connect, but he never answers it anyway....

One of our sometimes contributors, Erik Tenkar, posted this tidbit this morning and we are pretty much just copying it here for the record, so don't give us any credit on uncovering this bit of information. Honestly, we have problems trying to keep up with the varying Facebook accounts as it is (we have this one, or this one....well let's not forget about "Whit Whitman".....we could be here for days checking them all out.), so things like this help out a lot.

2016.11.16 Facebook Post
"I will be appearing at Games & Comics in London, KY on Saturday, November 19th from Noon till 4PM.

I will be signing autographs, and you can have your picture taken with me, and we can talk about the show, though obviously I can't say shit about season 7!

I hope to see all the Walking Dead fans in the London Ky area. And I want to give a big Shout Out to one of my best friends Marcus King for inviting me to his wonderful store!"

Not quite sure why people would want to see a background extra, much less get an autograph. You'd think that someone from craft services or even a driver or medic for the show would be more interesting than a guy who just stood in the background for a few seconds.

2016.11.18 UPDATE
Evidently those pictures aren't free and will set you back $18......screenshot courtesy of Erik Tenkar.

"I will be arriving Saturday morning from the last day of shooting on Walking Dead Season 7. Yep, its a wrap on Friday. And Then Ky here I come.

From noon till 3, I will be signing and doing a general meet and greet. At 3PM I Will talk about my experience. 3:30 I will do a Q&A, and at 3:45 I will talk about how to be an actor and getting on WD fir season 8."


  1. I'm trying hard to think of an extra (non speaking) who had held him/herself up as star-worthy. Made some of the obscure red shirts from Star Trek TOS - but most of them actually had lines and center/forefront screen time at least. Funny.

    Now if the Wendy's or T-mobile girl is showing up Im there. ;)

  2. It looks to me like a convenient place to send a process server.

    Maybe that's just me, though.

    1. The event is apparently over, and (sadly) no-one seems to have sent a process server.

    2. Yup. For years, I thought the reason Kenny was never called out or served for his crimes was because of his disappearing act. He moved from place to place, never having a permanent address, never picking up his phone, etc. But here -- HERE -- everyone knew the exact time and place Kenny would show up. Everyone knew it weeks in advance. And the event came and went, and nothing happened. So no one is working on some big lawsuit. No one showed up to serve him. No one showed up to yell at him or demand their money back. No one did squat. And this is why Kenny does what he does. Time passes, his victims move on or lose interest in pursuing "justice," and in a few years he'll be back to start all over again.

      Marcus King isn't the only enabler in this story. Apparently it's all of us as well.

    3. Ken is bragging on another site today that the reason nobody will sue him not because of 'right and wrong" but because he has NOTHING any can take from him. He points that out like a big, "Haa Haaa!" Man has no honor. He only seems to care about scoring points against those whose money he took.

  3. Un-believable. Trying to parlay his non-status into $18 pictures?
    Mind you, I will pay big bucks for tiny tubs of coffee-creamers certified to have been taken by Anna Torv of FRINGE from craft services and poured into her coffee. Anna <3 <3 <3

    But Ken Whitman? Who's that?


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