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Sunday, November 13, 2016

2016.11.13 NAD Decidedly Silent on Some Recent Ken "Whit" Whitman Information

2016.11.13 NAD Decidedly Silent on Some Recent Ken "Whit" Whitman Information
Today some news hit Facebook and Tenkar's Tavern regarding Ken "Whit" Whitman's self-professed move to Kentucky and some "other" things.

We've known about some of this "other stuff" since at least last November, but we felt it crossed a hard line that we accidentally crossed months earlier when we made some off-the-cuff color commentary regarding his Air BnB listing.

It wasn't intentional then and caught Ken "Whit" Whitman's kids in the crossfire, so there was no way we were willing to do that again unless we had to, and we set that "have to" bar pretty damned high.

While we appreciate the small slew of submissions regarding this current bit of information, we aren't planning on using it. Please don't think we don't appreciate it or that we're going soft on Ken "Whit" Whitman, just we feel the usefulness of the information doesn't outweigh the potential collateral damage it might cause.


  1. Understood about the "other" info, but his apparent move back to Corbin, KY, is very definitely important to pass along (if confirmed). Keeping track of Kenny's whereabouts should always be a priority as he tried yet again to dodge the people he's screwed over. (As I understand it, some acting folks in Atlanta are now sniffing for refunds that will never happen. "Take The Money and Run!" That's our Kenny!)

  2. If it helps him make money to finish his projects I'm all for it. But we all know he has no plans to finish anything. Time is on his side as long as memories fade.

  3. Tim some of us notice people were complaining on his FB wall the other day about paying for servcies they didn't receive and asking for refunds (his acting studio). Curiously news of the move hit about the same time. AND his Whit Studios page on FB has mysteriously disappeared. One *might* assume he had to pack up and head for new ground.

    1. (insert "NickCageYouDontSay".jpg here.)


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