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Monday, August 10, 2015

2015.08.10 Wouldn't YOU Like to See the Man Behind the Curtain?

2015.08.10 Wouldn't YOU Like to See the Man Behind the Curtain?
After posting about Ken Whitman's "new foray" into the world of Print on Demand I got to thinking.....surely there is more to this than a Facebook post?

It took less than five minutes to narrow down the most likely suspect and a bit more to ferret out the double-blinds, dead-ends, and other trickery Ken Whitman used to try and hide himself, even if just a bit.

The problem is that sometimes the old life just clings to you and you just can't help but draw attention to yourself. Hell, the "old life" of Ken Whitman is really what this blog is all about. I know I kind of suck at hiding my personal bias at times, OK...all the time, but I have blatantly asked you, the reader, to assume everything I'm saying is a lie and to follow the bread-crumbs I'm trying to set before you. Please, make up your own mind, but do so having knowledge of things Ken Whitman would rather see buried.

Sidekick Printing Listing
I found this Merchant Circle listing pretty darned quick as it was the only print shop in Brandenburg than came up on my initial Google foray.

The main page is pretty innocuous, so I tried to do some confirmation. The WhoIs listing shows that the website listed was registered  on August 27th, just days before GenCon. Whoever did this site went the el cheapo route of using GoDaddy, which is good in that their contact details aren't available since a third-party is listed, unlike the d20 Entertainment WhoIs listing.

2015.08.18 The website listed is for a legit new printing outfit in California...

The phone number listed is for some little girl's phone, which is why I blurred it out. That's pretty messed up....

I thought I might be at a dead end until I started clicking on all the tabs. Nothing to see for the most part, but when you get to "More".....whammo! Digital Print Quote showing the mug of our main man himself! Oh look...Digital Print Quote has the same fricken address as Sidekick Printing!

Digital Print Quote listing
You know, I did go and check in with the Kentucky Secretary of State to do a business search and wouldn't you know it, neither Sidekick Printing or Digital Print Quote exists as a legitimate company in the state of Kentucky...not even as a lapsed organization.

The number listed just goes straight to voicemail and I'm not sure where that goes....a quick google search tries to tell me a lot of interesting things, one of which is that it should be an Evansville, OH prefix and another leads to an escort review that had been removed.

I think this number has been bounced around a bit, to say the least.

I'm really not too surprised at a merchant score of 76 for Digital Print Quote, but all of the review listed are from a 17 day window back in 2011 and two of the five reviews are from the same person. It is much harder to scam someone if they know where to find you and could conceivable walk over there.....