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Monday, August 10, 2015

2015.08.10 Narrowing Down the Many Addresses of Ken Whitman

2015.08.10 Narrowing Down the Many Addresses of Ken Whitman
Through some twist of dumb luck I've managed to find that all-around good-guy has put one of his homes up for rent on Air BnB. This has been a great help on narrowing down where Ken Whitman lives, or used to live.

Now I won't begrudge a guy for trying to earn some extra dough, assuming this is a legal use of his property, and only mention its here because it is at least some small measure of proof that one of his listed addresses is a real location.

That kind of thing is important for process servers and for filing complaints with the FTC and the Kentucky Attorney General's Office.

At no time have I done anything illegal or even sneaky to obtain these addresses. It is all information Ken Whitman put online himself, either on Facebook or his website. Two of the unique addresses are publicly listed information from whois.

All I've done is record the information and do a single Google search on each. I've already spent ten times the effort typing out this post than it did to uncover and corroborate this one address.
AirBnB Listing Corresponds to WhoIs Registration Address