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Monday, October 2, 2017

2017.10.02 Ken "Whit" Whitman Trying to Sell Fraudulent Memorabilia?

2017.10.02 Ken "Whit" Whitman Trying to Sell Fraudulent Memorabilia?
This morning we received and interesting email from this page's contact form (names have been removed for obvious reasons):

"It's possible that Ken Whitman is at it again, this time selling fraudulent "screen used Walking Dead" props through Little Monsters Games & Comics. He is offering a COA from a prop authentication company that ZERO Internet presence, as well as displaying trademarks from from PSA/DNA (not only does PSA not authenticate stage props, but they ALSO don't lend their trademarks to third party authentication companies). You can find a picture of the suspect COA for "Michonne's Boots" over at the Little Mosters Games & Comics Facebook page. I have also saved a copy of it, in case he removes it."

Well, let's take a little look at Ken "Whit" Whitman's Little Monster Games & Comics Facebook page.

Now this is an embedded frame, but in case Ken "Whit" Whitman decides to delete the page, here is a screenshot as well.

Yep....looks like Ken "Whit" Whitman's work. Notice how he miss-spelled "price" and referenced wanting a lot of money (two classic signs) "There are no pruce tags on these, so dont be asking prices if money is an issue!"

Picture of the "Certificate of Authenticity & Registration"
Of particular interest is the picture of the COA (Certificate of Authenticity). Now we cannot find a reference to "Eccentric DNA Technologies" anywhere on the internet. Of course what does this matter, because this DNA technology would be used by the service providing the authentication and issuing of the COA. In this case it would be "PSA/DNA Authentication Services".

Well, PSA stands for Professional Sports Authenticator and they do have an internet presence. Thier business is pretty much sports cards and signed sporting memorabilia, which these boots are not. Even if we go ahead and hand-waive this small fact and assume that PSA stepped in and authenticated these boots, then they would have applied the DNA registration/application, and they would have generated the COA.

An example of a real COA
While we could just take and break all this down bit-by-bit, we'll just jump right to calling bullshit. 1st off, this isn't what PSA/DNA COA's look like. The picture to the left is an accurate COA example.

The important bit is that hologram sticker is actually part of the COA and not a sticker.

2nd....this technology has been in use since 2012, which predates the actual boots by a good year. Here is an article regarding PSA/DNA COAs:

"PSA/DNA Authentication Services  has now added an embedded hologram to its certificates of authenticity (COA), providing customers with  the same technological advance that the company added to its letters of authenticity last fall."

Well at least we could verify the PSA/DNA COA using PSA & PSA/DNA Certification Verification...oh wait, there isn't a certification number.

From the Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) FAQ (emphasis is ours):
Q: How can I determine if a Letter of Authenticity is legitimate?
A: Letters of Authenticity (LOAs) produced by PSA/DNA have a detailed, color-changing hologram logo embedded into the paper, as well as double watermarks depicting the helix design of a DNA strand and the PSA/DNA logo. Additionally, all LOAs have a high-resolution image of the very item that was examined and authenticated by our staff, which matches the photo on our online database, and a handwritten signature from a PSA/DNA representative. Counterfeiters would have to illegally replicate the hologram technology used and spend a huge amount of money to manufacture the paper. These unique security features make it very difficult to counterfeit.

Now we won't pretend to be lawyers, but Ken "Whit" Whitman sure appears to be attempting to violate Kentucky Statute 514.40 "Theft by Deception".

Thanks for the head's up dear readers!

2017.10.02 Edit/Update:
Thanks to some readers pointing even more fun stuff our way, we have sources for the so-called "Certificate of Authenticity"another for the boots, and a lead on the bogus DNA logo.

Fake Authentication Seal

Fake Walking Dead Boots (but actually may just be the source for the real ones)

Source for the fake logo (co-opted a real one)

2017.10.03 Edit
We called it! Our main-man Ken "Whit" Whitman has taken down the Facebook post, which is why there is a big blank space at the beginning of this post now.

We've already sent off emails to PSA and DNA Technologies, so don't sweat those details dear readers. If you see any more "new" buffoonery, please feel free to drop us a line. It is only working together that we can keep the public informed, and hopefully safe, from this man we consider to be a scam artist.


  1. There is also zero web presence for "Eccentric Authentication LLC" as featured on the CoA, at least in terms of a collectibles authenticator. The only website with that name is a tech company that concerns itself with web security.

  2. A quick records search shows that there is no such business entity ("Eccentric Authentication LLC") registered in Kentucky, Georgia, Florida, California, Nevada, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, or New York. So, that is 1/5th of the states knocked out. I'll check more of them later but I think we all are pretty certain of what I'll find (or NOT find).

  3. Not surprised at all. So much for being an honest shop keeper.

  4. PSA has a customer service email. I wonder what would happen if someone were to send them screenshots of that 'certificate'...

    1. Somebody did point them here, at least.

  5. It now says the first Facebook post (first picture up there) has been removed.

    Has anybody ever TALKED to the producers of THE WALKING DEAD about what a mere non-speaking extra is doing in their name?

  6. "Whose Fraud Have Your Boots Been Under?" --Shania Twain


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