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Monday, November 9, 2015

2015.11.09 Ken's been busy, now playing "Whit" Whitman, the Comedic Oaf actor?

It appears after an unusually long period of silence, (possibly while busy raising cash for his big move to Atlanta by marrying some folks in Kentucky after becoming a minister...), Ken Whitman's become very busy lately.

From erasing his Wikipedia entryto moving to Atlanta, GA (which appears to be, in reality, Duluth, GA, according to various sources), to getting into some acting gigs, all in his new digs in around the Duluth/Atlanta area, Mr. Whitman's been pretty active, lately.

Pretty active in all ways except producing all the films & related outstanding products he collected cash for.

The kind folks at Zombie Orpheus Entertainment (known during their well-documented Gen-Con last minute miracle establishing a fan-funded KODTLAS afterparty with the cast, after Ken Whitman cancelled his own alleged afterparty, then initially implying his involvement in theirs, then backpedaled and claimed he'd provided his own in the end), Zombie Orpheus Entertainment, who apparently kindly offered to edit Ken Whitman's footage's audio/video, in their spare time, to correct Ken's very poor color/audio errors, have confirmed that Ken Whitman has yet only provided them 70% of episode 2 and 10% of episode 3.  Barely any of the footage, as of Oct. 27th...

"For the record, we have received some of the footage from Ken and are waiting on the rest of the material in order to begin color correction and grading.  We're doing this as a favor in between paying gigs, so hopefully it will arrive before we have to return to work that pays the bills :)"

"At this time we have a hard drive with all of episode one, 70% of episode two, and 10% of episode three.  We'll post when/if that situation changes".

But... What else could he be working upon, if not the products people spent thousands and thousands of dollars upon?

Now, for the record, that's not to say he's done nothing...  his move to producing homemade resin models at least...  appears to have attempted to appease at least one clearly still angry customer on his Spinward Traveler kickstarter...   This person, for over $200, received, well...  have a look for yourself:

"So, there was a bubble wrap bag in my letter box on Wednesday when I got home from work.
A resin Type S Scout, 3/4 of the Gazelle class CE, the CE small craft, and fourteen double turrets.  Plenty of turrets there if some break, I suppose, but WHERE is the bow, barbettes, and triple turrets of the Gazelle?
Resin casting is average with some attempt to clean flash off.  Where the bow connects on the Gazelle (Did I mention I have NO bow section?) there is a large pour block that can be removed neatly with a razor saw.
The Type S. Scout is moulded from Ian Stead's square nose version, but even so, it will need a lot of cleaning up as the pour block has been badly located.
So for over $200, I have 3/4 of a Gazelle and one complete Scout. 
Not what I paid that amount of money for Mr. Whitman, not at all.
This on top of the TV show pilot we got sucked in to support.
Truly disappointed and not a little angry."

It appears now, Mr. Whitman's shifted gears and is now, "in the acting Biz".  According to multiple  sources , he's has been in Atlanta for nearly two weeks, has put up background work for TV shows, and cast in Marvel's Powers, Vampire Diaries (episode 11), True Memoirs of an International Assassin, a "zombie TV show" he's "not allowed to talk about" (The Walking Dead?), etc.  He claims you can see him in these shows, but look fast, because he's not on for too long...   He also claims to have auditioned for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and "two local college films".

Ken Whitman certainly has a history of changing business names (at least in his mind and online, if not officially/legally in a proper business sense), and changing lines of work, from Print-on-Demand, to acting/producing Indie films, to milking the crowdfunding market for both filmwork and imaginary products, back to Print-on-Demand, and now back to Acting...

As he refers to himself on one acting website's bio, "Whit Whitman has been performing locally in Kentucky for over 5 years.  Know for playing intimidating bikers & comedic oaf, Whit recently relocated to Atlanta.  Hell looks forward to meeting small puny mortals and impressing them with his size, acting talent, and ability to show up early!"

Wait, though...   Who's this "Whit" Whitman?   It couldn't be...  Simply impossible, right?  Legal paperwork beginning to arrive from various swindled Kickstarter backers...   He wouldn't possibly move to another state, and even subtly change his name, right?

Oh, come on, you already could guess the answer to this one.  Of course it's our good friend Mr. Ken Whitman, now going by "Whit" Whitman.  (Very clever.  Someone call Clark Kent, he's got a contender for the prize of worst secret identity!)

Now, while we know Ken Whitman's grammar has been rather atrocious in the past, and his history of changing business names is well known, this may be the first documented time he's attempted actually subtly changing his name, conveniently following his move out of Kentucky after several Kickstarter backers have been sending legal paperwork, and starting up in Atlanta...

Guess we'll all wait for that promised status update now that our good friend "Whit" Whitman appears to be quite settled in...


  1. Whit Whitman is a good name. Just saying!

    1. You really are a jerk. I hope they take you for every penny you have when they finally get your thieving butt in front of a judge!

  2. Do you have any backups for when you steal from more people and have to change it again?

  3. Looks like you have taken down your D20 Entertainment Page and made your Facebook pages private. What will you do with your Stage32 identities once people find those as well? What you are doing is criminal, and you will be found.

  4. Ken please get the rest of the raw footage to ZOE so they can at least salvage something from this mess for backers. They are offering FREE assistance and it's been two months. It's starting to appear you either don't have the footage or you are holding it hostage out of spite.


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