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Monday, August 10, 2015

2015.08.10 Time to Switch Gears Again

2015.08.10 Time to Switch Gears Again
What do you do when you've squeezed all the money you can from one community?

That's right! You move on to greener pastures.....

...or in this case you just circle around back to have a "second go" at a group that proved lucrative the first time you fleeced them.

Today Ken Whitman announced he is back in business doing Print on Demand (POD)! Personally I'm not quite sure he ever got out of the POD business. One of the first posts here contained a rough-out estimation of Ken Whitman's printing costs for the KoDT 200 Covers Book. Now I know my numbers would come in high on the estimated costs for a couple of reasons, which would mean my guesstimation on Ken Whitman's "take" would actually prove low, assuming he had actually printed those book he claimed to have done. When pouring over his many Kickstarter comments Ken Whitman let slip a better approximation figure for the print costs.

Now that number seemed a bit too good to be true....unless you were the printer. Imagine my surprised when this was sent to me:

Ken Whitman back to old tricks
Picture Edited for Clarity & Anonymity Only
Wow.....simply wow.

There are only so many hours in the day, so I haven't even gotten close to putting up posts about Ken Whitman's Rapid POD scams from back in the day. I don't have any proof up (yet) of Ken Whitman not printing product that was paid for, not delivering quality product, and selling printed RPG products out the back door while not fulfilling orders out the front door. Until I do you can read a bit about Rapid POD here.

Please feel free to check out the 1st post from James Mathe from the picture above, unfortunately I couldn't get at the second.

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