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Sunday, August 9, 2015

2015.08.09 Product, Product Everywhere but not A Ship to Spare

2015.08.09 Product, Product Everywhere but not A Ship to Spare
Ok, last post for today....I just have other stuff I have to get done. Evidently Ken Whitman still sees some profit potential from the Spinward Traveller project because he is still pushing for new buyers. This doesn't really seem to sit to well with some of his old buyers, but maybe they just don't know.

This might just be me, but before preparing to engage with new customers you might want to take care of current customers. I don't know, maybe that is my time in retail and my Business Degree talking, what the hell do I know.....Ken Whitman has pulled in far more cash in the last two years of Kickstarters than I have in the last ten....

Backer Wanting their Model

New stuff for new customers18 hours ago Pauli posted on the Spinward Traveller Kickstarter comment page, "I've still got a broken Beowulf and no response from anybody about its replacement. Even the supposed fast response email address hasn't replied after months. The rest of the spaceship miniatures are insanely overdue.
It is nice that the movie seems to be progressing and I do look forward to the final version but I do feel like I've been scammed here over the extras."

Now I wouldn't worry too much there Pauli because Ken Whitman has a lot of Beowulf models to sell, so surely he's got one in there for you!

Well, at least I can confirm Ken Whitman says he has Beowulf models....

"We are shipping out Beowulf. Scout, and Gazelle ships this week - WOO HOO! If you want to get some unpainted 16cm resin models. Here is your chance!"

But wait, there's more!

Ken Whitman also has some more stuff to sell you! "This is our movie poster painted by Fantasy Artist Fred Fields, I will be posting a step-by-step as he paints it!
You can also purchase prints at"

Well the focus does seem to be on selling more stuff.......but that's ok, I'm sure Ken Whitman will get you a fine Beowulf model replacement. He has before!

I think as long as the backers of the other Kickstarters don't get wind of Ken working on making and selling new product for a different project, everything will work out just fine.

Evidently Rhonda Eudaly Smipson accidentally found out.....
"And it looks like he's talking to everyone but us. He's updated the Traveller project. Been responding to Jolly on KOTDT page - I guess they're louder than we are."