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Sunday, August 9, 2015

2015.08.09 Filing a Federal Trade (FTC) Complaint

2015.08.09 Filing a Federal Trade (FTC) Complaint
If you believe you've been scammed by Ken Whitman you might feel the need to take some action. The most appropriate actions, depending on how much you felt you were taken for, might be to hire a lawyer and or file some complaints.

I'm not a legal expert in any sense of the means, although I will claim to understand what theft, fraud, etc. means from a business perspective. If you need advice, don't come here for it...seek the appropriate professional help.

Now if you've determined you have been scammed and would like to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), here are the steps you might wish to follow:

FTC Complaint Assistant
1st, head on over to the FTC Complaint Assistant. They'll walk you through the process and it is pretty painless. Personally I used the "Scams & Rip-Offs" then "NO MATCH FOUND".

Just follow the prompts and feed in the information requested and you'll be done relatively quick.

The online forms will ask you for Ken Whitman's contact details. I've found several addresses for Ken Whitman lying around, and I used the address listed on the d20 Entertainment "Contact Us" page, but you might also try the address he has on Facebook for "Ken Whitman & Associates".

Something tells me the addresses are bogus, but I know the phone number at least goes to a voice mail with Ken Whitman on it (it is the same number from the email about selling the Pencil Dice obligations)

I've found at least two more addresses in addition to these two, courtesy of whois.com. I figure one of the addresses he uses for registering his domain has to be correct, right? With so many different addresses floating about you'd think he was trying to evade process servers or bill collectors.....

Registrant Name: Ken Whitman
Registrant Organization: d20 Entertainmnet, LLC
Registrant Street: 927 Old Ekron Road
Registrant City: Brandenburg
Registrant State/Province: KY
Registrant Postal Code: 40108

Admin Name: Ken Whitman
Admin Organization: d20 Entertainmnet, LLC
Admin Street: 500 Doe Run Hotel Rd
Admin City: Brandenburg
Admin State/Province: KY
Admin Postal Code: 40108

Wait...there's more! (Bonus Information)

While you are at it you might want to also file a complaint with the Kentucky Attorney General. The Kentucky AG's office uses two different forms, depending on the county of offense, but you know what? I'll toss you a bone and let you use a modified copy of the complaint I filed. I took their document and turned it into a Adobe Reader compatible PDF form and filled out all of Ken Whitman's information. That should make it easier for you to type out, print off, and send to the Kentucky AG.

2015.08.10 EDIT
Apparently the address listed for the Admin is bogus/old. Google is showing that the Doe Run Hotel is permanently closed. I highly suspect that the Registrant information is Ken Whitman's actual address, or at least one of his addresses, because it matched up with an Air BnB listing in the same area.