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Friday, October 2, 2015

2015.10.02 Ken Whitman is Full of so Much FAIL

2015.10.02 Ken Whitman is Full of so Much FAIL
I'm going to try and keep this post short because the facts pretty much speak for themselves.

Some KoDT:LAS backers and GenCon attendees got to see the "rough cut" videos on July 31st. In the months since then we go tn "update" telling us when the "finished" videos would be posted online:
"Download for backers.... 
Episode 1: Sept 14 
Episode 2: Sept 21 
Episode 3: Sept 27"

Episode 1, the finished episode, wasn't uploaded on time, and when there was an update, it ended up being just a re-posting of a month's-old link.

Episode 2, wasn't uploaded on time, being pushed back at least a day. The first video link submitted wasn't even a valid one.

Episode 3, wasn't uploaded on time, being at least 5 days late.

By pretty much all accounts these three episodes are exactly the same footage shown at GenCon, without updates. The "Port Raided" typo is still present, as are the bad colors and sound editing. Why Ken Whitman couldn't upload this old video on time is a mystery to all.

In the backdrop you have to also remember that Ken Whitman has been telling people he has been burning DVDs at "20 a day" over two weeks ago. Why would Ken Whitman say he is burning DVDs if the videos aren't even finished yet?

October 1st KS Comment

"Until you get to see the finished HIGH RES footage, like the original clip, I am afraid to say you are comparing Apples and Oranges. Everything gets better with many passes. Stay tuned folks."

Is this an admission that the videos uploaded for backers aren't the final product? If they aren't the final product when are we going to get the videos and DVDs? If it has taken months to simply get copies of the GenCon videos, how many months is it going to take to get "finished HIGH RES footage"? Which October are the Backers going to get their DVDs? 2017...2018?

September 27th KS Update Promises

Then there is this wonderful update on September 27th: "Friends at ZOE have offered to do a final color correction on the films before we burn them to DVD.   So we will have a more polished professional product.

Also, on OCT 4th, a few of the actors and Jolly have agreed to record an alternative audio track talking about creating the first 3 episodes.  This is an alternative track ONLY FOR BACKERS!!!

Now two years ago we uploaded the original teaser for Jolly & the D-Team to watch.   Here it is, restored, the way the viewed it two years ago!  You can also download it.
See you Friday!"

Until I see some confirmation from either ZOE or KenzerCo I'm going to have to call bullshit. This smacks of Chessex coming in to save the day on the Pencil Dice Fiasco. I'm sure that there may have been some discussion at some point about ZOE helping with something, but after the GenCon after-party fiasco I have to assume that this is Ken Whitman trying to simply be a hanger-on of a more successful group that actually produces quality videos.

There isn't any mention of ZOE being involved on their main page or even their forums. Same goes for the folks at KenzerCo. There has been one post on the subject from any member of the D-Team and they don't mention their involvement at all. Of course, between the two I see the alternative audio track being a possibility because that might have been part of the contract.....might being the operative word.


  1. Sounds like the commentary track happened, based on Jolly's comment on the Kickstarter page:

    "well a spot of positive news... Wife and I just participated with several of the actors in watching all three episodes together and doing an alternate DVD commentary track. Hope backers enjoy it (eventually). Was certainly fun catching up with the actors and reliving stories from the shoot. I learned some things I didn't know."

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