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Thursday, October 1, 2015

2015.10.01 Another Video Sees the Light of Day

I've owe a post regarding the KoDT:LAS "releases", but I got this update on the KoDT:LAS Kickstarter page:

"Here is a short we worked on a few months ago. Free for all Kickstarter Backers......

Obviously there is a link, but it wouldn't be "proper" to share a link that is meant for "backers only".....so I won't.

KoDT:LAS UpdateWhat I can do though, is simply point out Ken Whitman's vimeo channel here and you can probably figure out which video is the "new one" he posted a link to in this update. The d20entertainment user channel is public info, so I'm not violating anything.....you could find it yourself, or just follow this link.

Now I had actually heard about this video some time ago, as in months ago, and assumed it would never see the light of day. According to my sources this was the video that Ken Whitman was trying to pass off as the completed Castles & Crusades: Beyond the River Kickstarter video. Never mind the fact that "Knight's Bane" is about 5 minutes short and nothing like what the script was supposed to be:
"Written by Stephen Chenault, the Troll Lord of Troll Lord Games, author of over 20 RPG supplements and the Codex of Aihrde, and Produced by d20 Entertainment.".

Ken Whitman's Vimeo Channel
Notice the error in the channel name?
Now a conscientious reader of this should be skeptical about my source's claim that this was intended to be the Castles & Crusades video and obviously I don't have direct proof....BUT...there are a few things here & there.

1st off, there are Facebook pictures from previous d20 Entertainment employees, and even some of the cast from the same day as the listed "Day One" Shoot Backer Update on Kickstarter. 2nd, and this is just as telling, although the video is edited heavily, the lead character's name, "Juergan" can be clearly heard at the 2' 34" mark. I highly doubt that this is a coincidence.

Something tells me that Troll Lord Games did NOT want this hack-job of a Castles & Crusades "movie" out in the public and Ken Whitman tried to do some creative editing to hide the fact that this was his failed Kickstarter fulfillment. This is my opinion, clearly, but I don't quite understand why this is being released, and now.

This video literally has Ken Whitman's name all over it, just watch the credits...which I'm sure he put together because it has one of his signature touches. At the 6' 16" mark the credits read, "The characters and incidents port raided are entirely fictional". As many times as this has been pointed out to Ken Whitman, you'd think he understands the spelling/meaning of "portrayed".

2015.10.03 Edit: Interesting info add-on from a KoDT:LAS Backer...
Some added insight on the matter...
"For those here who don't know, Ken posted Knight's Bane here because Steve Chenault rejected it for the C&C pilot because of the wretched quality, short cuts taken, and unapproved rewrites by Ken of the approved script. So we got spammed with it in an attempt to throw Steve the finger."

Nice to see that there might be some foundation to my suspicions.....

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  1. I received a link to this video through the Spinward Traveller Kickstarter on October 1st.


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