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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

2015.07.15 Well....There's Your Problem Right There!

2015.07.15 Well....There's Your Problem Right There!
I'm finding it amusing.....and not in a "Ha Ha" kind of way that exactly a year after Ken Whitman's Kickstarter payday for the Spinward Traveller campaign and basically two weeks before the expected "premiere" at GenCon, poor Ken Whitman still doesn't have the movie put together.....

Of course, in retrospect he doesn't have ANY of his current slew of projects put together, but for the most part he's still bluffing his way through things making promises...

...well "bluffing" might not be the best word here, but as of his May 26th public comment:
"Spinward Traveller will be avail for download to view at the end of July. DVDs will ship in August!"
Ken Whitman's Empty Promise

By the backer comments it seems that the premiere was a bust. I have no idea what was shown at GenCon, but if it was like what I've heard (from multiple 1st hand sources), then it was just the rough footage. The backer comments seem to relay that as well:

"First, the premier itself went well. I was interested in seeing it even though most of the CGI was missing and the audio has not yet been cleaned up. I was curious how the rest of the audience would respond and it turns out it was with loud applause (and even a few standing). My own opinion is that I liked what I saw and definitely want more!" -Dean S. Anderson on August 3

"I've managed to stitch the segments together in Movie Maker so I can watch it more easily. First impressions? Well, rather disappointed. I know there is lots still to do, assuming filming is complete and it is only sound and FX to sort. 
Worst bit for me was having the ship's hologram apparently reading from a script on the table in front of her. 
What happened to the Vargr? 
Shots out of focus. 
The all woman cast feels so forced. Just the captain's style? Weak. 
Typos in the titles have already been mentioned, and are easily fixed." -Poi on August 17

I wonder why there were CGI issues? Oh wait....I bet Ken Whitman will tell us!
Why would Ken Whitman be short a 3d Renderer?

So I'd like to know....what happened to the other 50 weeks of the last year? Even if we give you 50% credit for filming and whatnot that is still 25 weeks....a full six months...to get that "15 Seconds" of work done.

Oh and by the way....you don't own a company called d20 Entertainment! We already proved that lie!


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