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Thursday, August 13, 2015

2015.06.16 d20 Entertainment Isn't a Business

2015.06.16 d20 Entertainment Isn't a Business
One question that a reader here might have is "Why would anyone care about Ken Whitman's address?"

Arguably doxxing someone in general is usually a pretty shitty thing to do, especially if you are using illicit methods, but....when someone is clearly hiding themselves because of their own illicit activities and their victims only recourse is to take legal action, it is important to have the appropriate address when filing complaints and for service of process.

Ken Whitman's address is doubly important because all these things he has been doing....he has been doing them as an individual. His businesses simply do not exist in a very real and legal sense. Rapid POD did exist at one time, but d20 Entertainment, Sidekick Printing,  or Digital Print Quote......nope, they don't exist at all. Hell, Rapid POD only existed from 8/25/2005 to 11/2/2006 and again from 9/10/2007 to 6/12/2008. If you correlate some of the Rapid POD complaints with these dates, Ken Whitman seems to have been ripping people off as an individual for some time.

As I've stated time and again, don't take my word for it........every Secretary of State in the US has been checked for the existence of d20 Entertainment and when an Officer Search was available, Ken Whitman's name was researched as well. While the PDF print-offs of the search doesn't make for good reading, it can be reviewed. More telling is that someone went ahead and reserved the d20 Entertainment name in Kentucky just to prove that Ken Whitman isn't legally incorporated and not subject to any level of protection for his actions as a company....

....essentially all the scams that Ken Whitman has done...it is all him, not d20 Entertainment.


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