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Thursday, August 13, 2015

2018.08.12 FINALLY Found a Decent Address for Ken Whitman

2018.08.12 FINALLY Found a Decent Address for Ken Whitman
OK......I see what you did there Ken Whitman.

I was pretty confident that I had Ken Whitman's address dialed-in, just using public information that he had posted, namely his Air BnB listing and addresses listed by Ken Whitman when he set-up one of his websites.

Thanks to an anonymous tip I can see I was about a block off. One tipster informed me that Ken Whitman had claimed to purchase a house at the address I had discovered, but the picture I was forwarded was for a different address.

While it is possible that Ken Whitman does live at the address I researched earlier, it is still a "maybe". According to a couple of sources, Ken Whitman has a couple of places rented out, and it seems obvious there is some deliberate obfuscation on his part to keep his location relatively hidden. If I made a habit of scamming people I think I wouldn't be so up-front about my address either. It just makes it that much harder for the process-servers and PO'd victims to find me.

Thanks to yet another tip I was directed to the Facebook page of one Clair O'Shae, who was listed as an "Intern" for d20 Entertainment from April to June of this year. I've heard some rather spectacular rumors regarding this "internship", but will have to wait until I get some verification, because her posts don't provide any.

What I was able to find though were some pictures from the reported Castles &Crusades shoot, and with a little sleuthing I was able to cross-check with Google and Ken Whitman's own Air BnB pictures to verify the scoundrel has as one of his addresses 486 Broadway (or East Broadway), Brandenburg KY 40108.
Google Street View matched up with Facebook photos
Click for larger view
Address figured out via local businesses
Click for larger view

The Google maps are a bit off, and if you go by the locations designated as pins on that map you'll be way off, but the addresses themselves check out. If my source is correct Ken Whitman is renting both 486 and 484 East Broadway, but the Air BnB listing is clearly the 486 address.


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