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Monday, July 18, 2016

2016.07.18 More KS Exchanges Regarding Double-Sold Product

2016.07.18 More KS Exchanges Regarding Double-Sold Product
We here at Not Another Dime (For Ken Whitman) have been trying to make this a one-stop-shop for getting info regarding the business dealings of Ken "Whit" Whitman. Initially our goal was to remain unbiased, but we've already admitted that is difficult to do once you get to look at all this information and begin to see patterns.

We know that all press generally has some bias and as long as the reader can detect that bias and account for it, then the damage there should be minimized.

NAD has, on several occasions, asked our readers to not only realize our bias, but to kick it up a few notches and assume that EVERYTHING we have posted on this blog is an outright lie. Don't trust us! Follow the links and go down those rabbit holes yourself! Educate yourself and make up your own mind. We do what we can to provide public links to places that any "regular" internet user can follow.

This morning we received an email from our contact form. It is from one of our regular commentators, Impact! Miniatures, and is his 1st person account/interaction with Ken "Whit" Whitman on the KoDT:LAS Kickstarter. These messages that have been forwarded to us are not publicly view-able, which means that you cannot go down this rabbit hole unless you were a KoDT:LAS backer.

We're sure that others will eventually comment on this post and vouch for it's veracity, but until enough of them do so to satiate your requires, do as we suggest and assume that these exchanges are fake!  Note, we have played with the formatting a bit (& added icons) to make the information easier to read.

2016.07.18 Ken "Whit" Whitman Explaining How He Hasn't Double Sold Product"I realize that you have done a great job of documenting the trail of Ken selling items that should have gone to KS backers.   Just wanted to give you this.  As it is comment by Ken in the Backers Only section of the KODT last update. The Q was from Jolly and the A was from Ken

Jolly Blackburn
Q. Take notice that Ken will not answer specific questions such as why he sold backer products he had in hand to a retailer instead of mailing them out.

Ken "Whit" Whitman
A. I did not sale backer product. Because of the restraints of my KODT contract, I can only sell to stores that backed the project. Remember the retail package deal. When we ran out of money, NNG paid for books, which allowed me to print other backer books. if NNG bought one, I could ship one. ITS ALL PRINT ON DEMAND. There was NO inventory to sell, NNG was helping me get backers the product. TO THIS DATE we have sent out over 120 copies of the book. I think there are a few outstanding, but without the HELP OF YOUR RETAILERS, the books would not have gone out.

As extra information ... here was my response to that statement:
"Impact! Miniatures just now
I wanted to respond to one of Ken's replies to Jolly:

Impact! Miniatures
Ken did sell backer product. Jolly and I worked with Noble Knight Games (NKG). Ken contacted them to sell them merchandise. He sold them $850 worth of Hardcover KODT books and $1100 in resin Traveller ships (from the other KS) (however Ken never shipped them $750 worth of the ships that they paid for) NKG, Jolly, Marc from Traveller and I all discussed the matter. We sent out messages to get lists of backers that had not received product. NKG agreed to send them the product for free and pay for the shipping costs. This total was about $2300 lost in revenue to NKG for doing this.

Impact! Miniatures agreed to send NKG $2300 worth of free products that are their more popular sellers in order to allow NKG to recover this loss.

The list of backers that came forward that had not received a Hardcover KODT book or their resin Traveller ships exceeded the number of items NKG had. So yes clearly Ken did sell product that should have gone to the backers to another wholesaler. If this was true "I did not sale backer product" ... I would not be send free products to allow NKG to fully recover the $2300 loss they suffered to try to make things right with the backers of this KS.

As to the second part of that statement by Ken: "Because of the restraints of my KODT contract, I can only sell to stores that backed the project. Remember the retail package deal." This is another misstatement. NKG was not one of the 5 backers of the retail package deal. By reaching out to the gaming community, I actually know the identity of all 5 of the backers who backed for that level. NKG was not one of them. So Ken by his own words today admits he violated the KODT contract by selling product to a store that was not part of the Retail Package level. I am sure Ken did not know that Jolly and I had managed to find out who all 5 of those backers where and thus could not call him out on this ... but we have.
So yes Ken did sell backer product to stores instead of shipping them to backers and yes Ken sold to stores that he was not allowed to by his contract with Kenzer."

I made a screen shot of this topic as Ken is still claiming he did nothing wrong selling to NKG."


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