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Monday, July 11, 2016

2015.10.18 The Miniatures Page Post

2015.10.18 The Miniatures Page Post
Sorry folks, but this isn't new news here, just a documentation post.

While we were looking for something specific, we came across this forum post on The Miniatures Page: "In an interesting twist to the D20 Entertainment sales scandals, apparently Ken Whitman has sold a bunch of the Traveller Resin Spaceships to NobleKnightGames (after getting individuals to pay for these first, of course, and then allegedly not delivering the products to them), who are now selling them on eBay, at twice the price of what you used to be able to "purchase" them for directly from D20:

2015.10.18 The Miniatures Page Post



Of course, as you may have read, D20 Entertainment has an inability to deliver them to customers, ever, in many cases.

People that purchased these, and that have been waiting more than a year for them, in some cases, have now been sold to a third party, who is now marketing them on eBay.

Wow, Ken has hit on a goldmine – selling things twice, for double the revenue, but only delivering them once!!!

Simply brilliant!!!

In my opinion, this guy is one of the worst, serial con-artists ever to be associated with Traveller, and Marc Miller.

It seems that he's allegedly been pulling stunts like this for up to 20 years.

Some people have even worked for him on designing/writing rules, etc., and he's stiffed them as well. One guy, allegedly twice, and then Ken had the gaul to go and ask the guy for assistance a third time, without ever paying him as promised for his first two efforts. The third time the writer asked about payment for his first two projects, and then Ken never bothered him again. Needless to say I guess, that allegedly, he never received any compensation from Ken for his efforts.

I've been waiting very patiently for my three-vessel, Traveller Spaceship set, that Ken listed as "now shipping" on his website, since mid-June. He also again mentioned on CotI that they were shipping in August as well.

Does Ken Whitman and D20 Entertainment have no shame?

I shall be filing my complaint with the Kentucky Attorney General's Office on Monday morning.

I'll also be contacting eBay and NobleKnight about this issue as well.

Spread the word.

Not another dime for Ken Whitman, or D20 Entertainment – tell all your friends, acquaintances, and foes:



Have I mentioned Ken's new direct sales "Sol Bound Traveller" funding project?

He's seeking funds for that too, which appears to me to be just a rehash of his failed Spinward Traveller TV Kickstarter (one of six Kickstarter projects that Ken has mismanaged in the last few years, but that has allegedly generated almost $180,000 USD in sales). It's being billed as a "web-series", instead of a TV show.

Don't fall for what in my personal opinion is just another of Ken's scams, which he's having to promote directly on D20, since allegedly they won't let him list any more with them, due to all his failures."

From what we recall, Noble Knight Games definitely took the high road on this one and managed to get in line with everyone else Ken "Whit" Whitman has screwed over.

We wanted to post this because the second auction was for 5 "limited edition" painted Beowulf resin ships. In an earlier post about Ken "Whit" Whitman's resin being sold at a different retailer, he claimed "Perhaps , all the unpainted resin models have shipped, and all the painted ones are defects or damaged?" The thing is there were 12 of the painted ships shown in the picture......12, as in 12% of the entire "limited edition" line. Add the 5 from the Noble Knight auctions, and we are at 17%. It is also important to note that the Noble Knight auctions ships were listed as "mint".

Now it is entirely possible that Ken "Whit" Whitman had 33 ships set aside for his webstore sales, which would mean we've accounted for 1/2 of the "limited edition" Beowulfs. Looking at the Spinward Treveller Kickstarter we can count another 27 for 77% of the "limited edition" ships.

If we get bored we might try to track down the last 23 ships.....


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