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Sunday, February 5, 2017

2017.02.05 Instead of Working on Kickstarter Projects Ken "Whit' Whitman Still Glomming Onto The Walking Dead

2017.02.05 Instead of Working on Kickstarter Projects Ken "Whit' Whitman Still Glomming Onto The Walking Dead
Today is the 3 year "Anniversary" of the funding of Ken "Whit" Whitman's Kickstarter project Knights of the Dinner Table: Live action Series (Kodt:LAS). It has been 5 months since we've had an update and this project is roughly 18 months late.

Instead of working on KoDT:LAS we know Ken "Whit" Whitman has been trying to capitalize off of a non-speaking background role from an episode of The Walking Dead. Granted it was the finale from last season, but still.....

Today we learned that the "Pickaxe Survivor" is doing yet another "Meet & Greet", but this time it is at a pawnshop:
2017.02.05 Instead of Working on Kickstarter Projects Ken "Whit' Whitman Still Glomming Onto The Walking Dead

Happy Anniversary to all you suckers, we mean KoDT:LAS Backers.


  1. Wonder if that is where he pawned all his camera equipment. I'm told he's down to just one camera.

  2. I just thought of something--what we're seeing is a blurry image of a white, bald guy that's pudgy...what if that's NOT actually Ken "Whit" Whitman?

    What if he saw someone that vaguely looked like him, but never had a close-up and is now trying to scrimp off of his "success" to earn a little more cash for himself?

    I normally would have dismissed such a thought rather quickly as, "He, that's stupid--who'd be that desperate or dumb?", but this IS Ken Whitman we're talking about here...


    NOTE: All such previous statements are PURELY hypothetical and cannot be construed as defamatory nor as slander or liable...so feel free to talk about it as much as you want...hypothetically of course ;)

  3. I watched the episode and scrubbed the video. A very dark, unseeable background extra that cannot be made out in normal viewing probably was Ken. The pic shown is an obvious Photoshop job. I know, because I did the same thing to screencaps from the scene and could never get anything to resolve that was absolutely identifiable as Ken. So maybe he was there, but that photo is a complete sham.

  4. I was going to say you could check the Internet Movie DataBase, but this is a fan-maintained resource and Ken could potentially have faked his own listing. It is marked "uncredited" which means it didn't actually appear in the end-credits.
    Certainly this is something to ask the producers of The Walking Dead about! If he is impersonating an actor, we should tell them.

  5. ...On the Internet Movie DataBase, the bio for "Whit Whitman" was written by Matt Smith...who has not written any other bios or data activity for the IMDB! Possibly this is a fake sock-account made by Ken.

    If that is true and Ken Whitman was NOT on the WALKING DEAD show, we might conclude he is pathologically unable to achieve anything for real, and unable to complete promises to achieve anything for real. He may possibly like to receive money, though.

  6. ...and more strangeness. Most of "Whit Whitman's" roles are marked Uncredited except for a few such as his Brothers Barbarian production and Star (TV Series), but the episode he was in there as a "Bouncer" is "Unknown".
    IMDB users can collaborate in filling in information. I don't know if IMDB has a vetting process to confirm an actor appeared somewhere even if "uncredited".

    How far down does this Rabbit Hole go? Did anyone discuss the issue of Ken's roles before? Is there a possibility he was padding his resume and background with false acting connections to build credibility?

  7. ...It would be interesting if all references on the IMDB to "Whit Whitman" were made by "Matt Smith", although that is suppositional. Individual users may contribute individual bits of information to any movie or TV show for review, but individual contributions don't track back or identify contributors. I say again, I wonder how the IMDB checks data contributions that an actor was there but was "Uncredited". This is all suppositional, I make nothing declarative. I am merely talking about how information is insufficient. Could someone reiterate to me what is the direct evidence, video footage, out-takes, notes, news releases etc. from the Walking Dead producers that "Ken Whitman" or "Whit Whitman" was there?

  8. you know that's amusing? Check IMDB for all of Whit Whitman's roles. ALL of them are 'uncredited' (other than his own film projects). Which means his name doesn't even appear on the tail end of the credits in very small text.

    Work as an extra is honorable work. I'm not knocking it. But it's a little strange how he's billing himself as a star.

  9. I wonder how many people show up just to ask him about uncompleted projects


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