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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

2017.01.24 Ken "Whit" Whitman (kind of) Updates His Resume

2017.01.24 Ken "Whit" Whitman (kind of) Updates His Resume
One of our readers sent us in a notification that Ken "Whit" Whitman has updated his LinkedIn profile.

We know....who cares?

We did take a look and found it amusing that while our main man can be bothered to update not only his skill at Photoshop, but upload a new banner graphic. For someone who is "skilled" at marketing, web design, social media, etc., you'd think that maybe, just maybe, he'd be able to manage a banner graphic that is more suited to the social media site at hand.

Now, since we've seen his recent "fan film", we know where the graphic came from. If you weren't familiar though....pretty much a waste.

Taking a look at the profile (LinkedIn account required) we see that Ken "Whit" Whitman still claims to be in the Atlanta area and still President of the Atlanta Actors Co-Op....

Well, he cannot be expected to make important updates to LinkedIn...being the social media expert and all.

2017.01.24 Ken "Whit" Whitman (kind of) Updates His Resume


  1. Like reading a comic book. In other news, I was contacted by another state AG yesterday. I happily informed them of where Ken's mail can be delivered. Glad to be of service both to Ken and the great state of Washington.

  2. Best news I've heard happening to him in a while. Hope they can get the proper documents into his hands soon.

  3. Already moved on. You're always three months behind.

    1. Oh Ken. You WISH those states had moved on. You better hope you produce something in August.

  4. His LinkedIn profile claims he Executive Produced the KoDT and Spinward Traveller "pilots", in the past tense, but of course they aren't produced yet.
    Can LinkedIn be interested in the fact he is making false claims in his profile?


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