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Thursday, January 19, 2017

2017.01.19 Ken "Whit" Whitman Still Sponging off of The Walking Dead

2017.01.19 Ken "Whit" Whitman Still Sponging off of The Walking Dead
You have to give Ken "Whit" Whitman a bit of credit for making a (really) short film trying to give himself another few minutes of The Walking Dead fame without actually referencing The Walking Dead directly.....at least in the film.

Of course, Ken being Ken, he cannot simply help himself when it comes to self-promotion and social media:
"My name is Whit Whitman, I have been on TWD a few times as the #PickAxeSavior. I created a a FAN FILM based on my character, well at least how I envision him. :-)  If you like it, leave a comment, and share my link.  XOXOXO, and remember... We are Negan!

Ken "Whit" Whitman's Self-Promotion
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#FearTheWalkingDead #FTWD"

Wow...just wow....that is a lot of hashtags.

The video is available for viewing on YouTube and Ken "Whit" Whitman has even created a channel for it. Seriously...a channel?

Pick Axe Survivor YouTube Channel

The acting is...interesting?

Now some folks might wonder what this has to do with Ken "Whit" Whitman scamming so many folks on Kickstarter. The thing is, if he is writing, directing, acting, and editing this short clip...presumably with equipment paid for by the Knights of the Dinner Table: Live Action Series Kickstarter........well, he isn't working on those other Kickstarter projects...the ones he took a LOT of cash for.

Now we liked the "This motion picture is protected under the laws of the united states and other countries. Unauthorized duplication, distribution or exhibition may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution."

We wonder how well these protections would last since Ken "Whit" Whitman is intentionally using a character that he doesn't own. Calling something a "Fan Film" pretty much proves that he is using someone else's intellectual property without permission. Going this additional step claiming copywrite.....well I smell a DMCA notice coming on....

Until then, enjoy!
Click me to see the film
Click to go to the "Fan Film"


  1. Do we know if he used paid extras? ;) Oh wait I think "fan film" = "You're not paid"

  2. Truly sad to see this guy self-destruct. Where are our DVD's? Where are our production notes, scripts, bloopers, resin miniatures, posters, autographed artwork, movie posters CGI work and opening/closing credits? Where is any of the work that was paid for in earnest? Shame.

  3. I see he's had to resort to blocking and deleting comments on that youtube link. Not suprised.

  4. He can go into the great details of his character (a non-speaking part). Character is dead. Still dead. Maggots are eating his body. Are there fly maggots that far north in that season? Lots of fascinating stuff to make a fan film about! NOT!

    It is of course sheer effrontery to make new video projects when he hasn't finished the work he was paid for.

  5. Dear Lord, that was boring!

    Too many close-ups & (at best) middle shots--no establishing shots (ones taken from a distance to give the viewer an idea of the area and the tone), and acting was sub-par (no emotion from anyone).

    Plus his character doesn't even pick up the gun after he slays his partner. And I'm not saying that as a gamer (loot the bodies!), that's just good zombie-apocalypse survival tactics...but then again, people might loose sight of his character a feeble grab for fame. (In all fairness he might have done it later, but it was just too hard to keep watching such bad acting.)

    Heck, I don't even REMEMBER seeing him in "The Walking Dead" at all! I kept an eye out when I heard he was doing that just to compare him to the other actors.

  6. It was remarked in a later posting that "Whit Whitman's" face in THE WALKING DEAD is unclear, and someone suggested the hypothetical possibility that it was only a bald extra who superficially resembles Ken.

    This negative hypothesis can be disproven of course. Can someone direct me to the direct, sourced evidence that Ken Whitman/Whit Whitman appeared on the Walking Dead show as this extra? Anything from the show producers about it?

    The Internet Movie DataBase (imdb.com) is an informational resource that cautions that all items are fan-contributed. His listing in The Walking Dead credits is as an "uncredited" actor, i.e. name doesn't appear in the end-credits. When I looked further, "Whit Whitman's" bio was written by a user "Matt Smith", whose link shows no other contributions of major articles or write-ups. Any user can suggest individual edits and lines of information to a production to IMDB for approval, but the source of the contribution is NOT shown for each individual line of data. It is unclear how, if anything, the IMDB verifies if an actor was in a production but "Uncredited".

    I am simply stating a hypothesis and the way to shoot it down. I make no definitive, declarative assertions that can be processed legally!

  7. Too many close-ups & (at best) middle shots--no establishing shots (ones taken from a distance to give the viewer an idea of the area and the tone), and acting was sub-par (no emotion from anyone).


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