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Monday, February 6, 2017

2016.02.06 Ken "Whit" Whitman Frequently Seems to Have Hard Drive "Issues"

2016.02.06 Ken "Whit" Whitman Frequently Seems to Have Hard Drive "Issues"
Not going to be much of a post since this has already been covered by Tenkar's Tavern, but there is a bit of info not actually recorded there that probably needs to be saved for posterity, which is what we do here at Not Another Dime (For Ken Whitman).

The original Facebook post is here, but this is the pertinent information to share:

"At this point Sufflatus Lorem and Jolly Blackburn this has already gone to local federal and state authorities. I tried my best to work it out but I refuse to be a
Another "Happy" Ken "Whit" Whitman Customer (Not)
victim when I was a true friend. I've been contacted by several local victims of Mr. Whitman's deceit and am no longer willing to work with him. I released my hard drives to him and requested them back from him with verification that the work is present. I will not make such an exchange with an outside person and forfeit the opportunity to verify confirmation of the footage. Its likely its not even on the drive. I can't risk it. I owe several actors, have paid several, put many honest hours in this project and thousands of dollars in financial obligations to vendors for the use of their facilities. Im not going to walk away this time. With respect to my business partner/son Sean D Donley he will not be involved nor answer until we all stand before a Gwinnett Judge. I've suggested that Mr. Whitman release the work he has for others including the Kick starter victims but to no avail. Again, at this point several people are victims and I cannot in good, sincere standings stand back and do nothing. I've asked for months only to be ignored. I've moved on with authorities whom will get justice for all whom have been deceived. Thank you Mr. Blackburn and Mr. Lorem. You both have my contact information."


  1. Oh why does this sound familiar? Ken flees one state for another with footage/hard drives he refuses to hand over. Only this time in reverse. Get ready folks. He mayb be coming to town near you!

  2. For those following along at home, Ken apparently did to the film community in Atlanta what he did to the gaming community over the past few years.

  3. The article kind of "jumps in the middle" and is unclear. Is this Facebook discussion about Ken Whitman's dealings with actors in Atlanta, or solely about the previous KoDT stuff, or what? Is one community of Whitman "customers" (to use the term loosely and in a vanishingly hopeful sense) communicating with another community?


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