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Saturday, February 6, 2016

2016.02.06 Looks Like Ken "Whit" Whitman has Found new Diggs.

2016.02.06 Looks Like Ken "Whit" Whitman has Found new Diggs.
Looks like Ken "Whit" Whitman might be obtaining a new hideout and base of operations as he works to insinuate himself into a new community.

We know he's already been charging actors to film 2 minute "reels" as part of the "Atlanta Actors Co-Op", and an observant reader has already done some background checking to find that the "AAC" is a defunct organization, at least from a legal sense.

Now we know that the nuances and legality of forming an actual business are pretty much lost on Mr. Ken "Whit" Whitman. Of course we aren't sure how big of a role he has in this Atlanta group, but it looks like he's working this new angle pretty hard. The unconfirmed report I have is that he's using this new group to fund his housing and is nickle-and-diming everybody and anybody he can. Now of course this is unconfirmed, so don't put too much into that report.

I'm only mentioning this more as a place holder for when I do get some better info. In the meantime:

2016.02.06 Facebook Post
"Julian Brittano is looking to move to Atlanta and help start the AAC Club House. This will be a place for Actors to meet, hold classes, get head shots and tape auditions and monologues. 

The rooms are wood floor and are about 20'x15'. Rent would be $300 a month plus $300 deposit for the room. 

We would like to move in by MARCH 1, 2016."

2016.02.06 Facebook Post
"Future Classes at the AAC House! 

Come on and come all! Let the AAC know what you are willing to teach OR just manage at the house. 

$5 classes (Sunday nights 6 to ?) 
--- Improve night 

$10 Classes (happens when there are 4 to 6 members sign up) 
--- Camera Blacking 101: Working in front of the cameras (Ken Whitman) 
--- Tactics 101: (Derek Russo) 
--- Dance Choreography: (Indiana Sifuentes) 
>>>>>>> Please send me Personal Message if you have somthing you would like to teach! 

$25 Acting Class (happens when there are 4 to 6 members sign up) 
--- Acting 101: Take a class from one of our AAC members who are SAG (Lindsey McCollough) 
>>>>>>> Please send me Personal Message if you have somthing you would like to teach!"

Now it looks like, at least to me, that Ken "Whit" Whitman is renting out one of his rooms to the AAC and charging small fees for work at the house. The listing for the house is still view-able on the Atlanta Craigslist that is linked to in the information forwarded to me. That shows the address and that the rent is $900 a month. Since Ken "Whit" Whitman is asking for $300 and a security deposit I can only assume he is trying to sublet part of the property to the AAC.

If some additional information comes down the line confirming this then we'd have a good address for those needing to service Ken "Whit" Whitman for the various crimes that warrant the creation of this blog.

Late night edit:

So it looks like I was right.....

"PLEDGE DRIVE, we are looking to raise $1800 in the next week so we can get the AAC Club House. So far we have $700 of the $1,800 needed. 


SO WE NEED TO RAISE MONEY, so how can we do this? Find full time room renters. Pre-sale bunk bed room nights, renting an address for out-of-town actors! 

Renting a 20"x15" room, $300 a month & $300 Deposit. 
Renting a Bunk $10 a night.  
Renting one Year of mail $30 

Also, we are starting two type of MEMBERSHIPS, FREE & Voting. Want to be counted in what the ACA does, make your vote count. 

Normal Membership.... FREE 
Voting Membership... $50 a year (voting privileges for Club) 

You can pre-pay for any classes, Headshot, Monologue Clip, Audition Clips, Demo Clip."

You see, the rent on this place is $900/mo, so one month rent and one month deposit would be.....$1800. Now, how much is Ken "Whit" Whitman looking to pick up from his new group....well, color me surprised, it is $1800!

Now this is a 4 bedroom place, so if Ken "Whit" Whitman can rent out three rooms for $300 each then he gets his room free. That is awful generous of him....

Renting bunks and voting memberships....sounds like confirmation enough of nickle-and-diming this new group.


  1. I am torn between trying to figure out a way to warn unsuspecting actors in the Atlanta area about Kenny and his scams, or hoping that he will actually rent this place. If he does, we'll have an actual point-of-contact address for potential legal actions.

  2. I thought about that too. Here servers have an address for the guy and exactly where he will be at his meetings and such. Good luck with that Ken.

  3. I would change 'assorted' to 'sordid' in the opening statement.


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