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Friday, November 20, 2015

2015.11.20 Request for Assistance

2015.11.20 Request for Assistance
We got an email this morning requesting some assistance reaching out to folks that might have gotten scammed out of some resin ships from the Spinward Traveller Kickstarter:

"I'm working with Noble Knight Games to try and get the KODT books to backers that did not get them.   I have access to Jolly and the KODT KS comments but NKG wanted to know about the Traveller ships and if they are safe to sell them or if backers are missing them.

I do not have access to the Traveller KS comments to ask if backers are missing ships.   I know from reading every post in this blog that you have several different contacts and sources and wondered if you knew a backer from the Traveller KS that could help us find out any backers that did not receive their Traveller ships so we can try and get this product to the correct backers.  Its all honor based but if I can and Aaron at NKG can ... we want to try and get this product Ken sold that he was not supposed to into the right hands.   Thank you for any help you can give.
Tom Anders @ Impact! Miniatures"

If you haven't received your Beowulf ship.....the Kickstarter only shows 27 names who should have gotten the ship, but we know how "good" Ken Whitman was with names, numbers, and promises, please post to the Kickstarter comments, use the email contact form on this page, or contact Tom directly.


  1. Hey those ships were also sold DIRECTLY on Ken's webstore. I know from reading some of the Traveller boards that more than a few buyers never got their ships.

  2. Thank you for that post. I know that Noble Knight Games and I cannot complete fix what Ken has done (not even come close) ... but we thought at least the Hardcover KODT books and the Spinward Traveler ships he sold to Noble Knight improperly should be able to get to the right homes if at possible. Not sure there are enough so it will have to be first come, first served unfortunately. For the KODT books, contact Jolly Blackburn as he has records to check out people needing the books. For the Traveler ships, if you could when you contact me show evidence of your pledge to the KickStarter for a reward level with the ships or your PayPal receipt to Ken to purchase them outside the KS ... that will be the best I can do to work to vet the ships to the correct backers.

  3. Well I woke up to yet another email from one of Ken's 'friend's maintaining Ken 'means well' and doesn't set out to fail. I want to make it clear what happened with these books in this latest revelation. While a lot backers were complaining about not receiving their books, Ken took the books he had in hand and SOLD them to Noble Knight. We've been compiling a list of backers who never got their books. Almost all of them are European addresses. Now Ken charged $100 for these books. For those in Europe he had them prepay $40+ in shipping. So that's $140 per book (less the $17 or so to print them) he pocketed. THEN he sold them for (Im guessing $25 to $50 each) to NK for further profit.
    Nice work if you can find it I guess.
    I don't want to hear that Ken "means well" any more. Sorry, I'm a little annoyed with these most recent revealation. Learning he had the books in hands and just didn't send them out is a jaw dropper.
    When someone says this guy "means well" they are acting as an enabler to allow this guy to do this sort of thing to the next person in line.

  4. I wanted to post an update that all the Traveller ships that Noble Knight had have all been sent out to buyers that never received them. I realize that there are probably several people that are still out ships ... I wish we had enough. The "Ken sells a lot of resin" post on this blog details a lot of people that appeared to buy promises of ships beyond the first 3 who will probably never see them. Wanted to thank this blog for its help. Thank you to Aaron at Noble Games for getting them sent out. I'll work to make sure Noble Games is covered for his postage on these packages.


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