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Sunday, November 22, 2015

2015.11.22 THIS is the Reason Not Another Dime (for Ken Whitman) Exists

2015.11.22 THIS is the Reason Not Another Dime (for Ken Whitman) Exists
I know a lot of people probably just read the articles here and don't see the comments. Part of that can be explained by the fact I don't use post breaks. The only way the comments can be viewed are if you click on the post titles to read just that post.

This blog has but one purpose: to document Ken Whitman's shady business dealings. While the original intent was to be somewhat fair and neutral with regards to Ken Whitman, after a while all this does alter your perceptions of the man. Hard not to see Ken Whitman as a con-man.

I'd argue that one of the people most hurt (on so many levels) is Jolly Blackburn, creator of the Knights of the Dinner Table.

Jolly Blackburn has left a new comment on your post "2015.11.20 Request for Assistance" (emphasis is mine, not Jolly's):

"Well I woke up to yet another email from one of Ken's 'friend's maintaining Ken 'means well' and doesn't set out to fail. I want to make it clear what happened with these books in this latest revelation. While a lot backers were complaining about not receiving their books, Ken took the books he had in hand and SOLD them to Noble Knight. We've been compiling a list of backers who never got their books. Almost all of them are European addresses. Now Ken charged $100 for these books. For those in Europe he had them prepay $40+ in shipping. So that's $140 per book (less the $17 or so to print them) he pocketed. THEN he sold them for (Im guessing $25 to $50 each) to NK for further profit.

Nice work if you can find it I guess.

I don't want to hear that Ken "means well" any more. Sorry, I'm a little annoyed with these most recent revealation. Learning he had the books in hands and just didn't send them out is a jaw dropper.
When someone says this guy "means well" they are acting as an enabler to allow this guy to do this sort of thing to the next person in line."


  1. The true nature of this low life Whit Failman is now obvious to all except for those left in his dwindling inner circle of people who have yet to be ripped off by him. Jolly couldn't have said it better. After being robbed of $1700 by the classless heap of failure Whit Shitwhit, I learned of Jolly's trouble with him as well. The level of patience and class Jolly has had dealing with this sociopathic manchild is astounding, continuing to urge Ken to do the right thing, as Ken of course ignores, lies and continues to stubbornly and childishly trudge on along his doomed path of self destruction. My hat's off to Jolly, his wife and all those who have been wronged by this overgrown parasite dimwhitman as well as those who have kept blogs like this running. Ken has recently sealed his legal doom, justice is coming for him.

  2. Can't say Ive ever funder anything of his (lucky me I guess), But was more here to say keep up the good work of exposing this guy. Hopefully there comes a point where his con of the gaming community means he has run out of friends to burn . I cant believe anyone would step forward to say 'He s doing his best'


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