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Thursday, November 19, 2015

2015.11.18 Ken Whitman Screws Over Businesses as Easily as his Customers

2015.11.18 Ken Whitman Screws Over Businesses as Easily as his Customers
So about those items over at Noble Knight Games....

.....it appears that they've been screwed over just like everyone else has by "our boy" Ken Whitman, who has fled from Kentucky to Georgia and allegedly "changed" his name to Whit Whitman.

There is a HUGE thread over at the KenzerCo forums that were set up specifically to allow Ken Whitman to "be more responsive to backers and keep them updated", but....of course....Ken Whitman couldn't be bothered to actually take advantage of this above & beyond effort by KenzerCo to allow the then-failing Ken Whitman to "turn things around and move forward".

You can read through the many posts and what you'll find is a lot of frustration from the fans & backers and far too much apologizing from folks that are not Ken Whitman. Personally, I'd just skip ahead to page 22 (or so) to where the conversation goes to the interaction between Noble Knight Games and Ken Whitman. Since you can read what is a copy of a 1st hand account there, we'll just provide this one highlight:

"We've decided not to sell these after more information has been presented to us. Regardless, we are now out around $2500 with Whitman (including both ships and books) including $755 outstanding directly."

Noble Knight Games takes the high road after a Ken Whitman screw-job

So what you have here is basically a company that paid $2500 for product and was shorted $755 worth of said product. Because of Ken Whitman's general fuckery they've decided it was in their best interest to "write off" the investment of books and resin ships as "goodwill" instead of recouping what they can to cut their losses to the minimum of $755.

Seriously, how bad does your supplier have to be that you'd rather take it in the shorts to the tune of $2500? Think about how much extra product Noble Knight Games has to sell above & beyond their norm to make up that shortfall.

If you are in the market for any games, please support Noble Knight Games. Not sure they have what you want? Use this link for an advanced search. Let's show them some love!


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