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Friday, April 14, 2017

2017.04.12 KoDT:LAS Backers Still Popping Up With Un-Filled Rewards

2017.04.12 KoDT:LAS Backers Still Popping Up With Un-Filled Rewards
We're willing to bet that most people's money is on Ken "Whit" Whitman never completing his Kickstarter projects. Regardless of what the man says or how many deadlines get kicked down the road, our money (well, a lot of people's money) is on the Chicago Cubs winning the Superbowl before Ken "Whit" Whitman fulfills his Kickstarter obligations.

Sure, Ken "Whit" Whitman says he'll have the KoDT:LAS project complete by August 2017, but for a project that has been 90% done for what (?) a year or two, there is so much outstanding. Case in point, Ken "Whit" Whitman can't even be bothered to email a subset-list of backers to KenzerCo. From a post from Jolly Blackburn on the KenzerCo forums (emphasis is ours):

"I ran a game in August for six backers (which actually spilled over to two). Ken never provided the backer list so I relied on backers contacting me directly to let me know they'd taken the option. Frustrating thing is people are still poppoing up who apparently gave him money for original art and such

It was a real mess with the way he simply disappeared.

Anyway, I suspected there might be a few stragglers and meant to post an inquiry but got distracted. I knew Kurt was dangling out there. If we can beat the bushes and find any others, I'd be glad to run a session and check that item off the list.

Sorry Ken chose to flame out on a license he took out from us. Why did he have to so completely self destruct on KODTLAS...?

He's blocked me on all fronts so there's no comunication btw. I hear he's claiming an August delivery date but I would bet cash money that's not going to happen. He's simplly going through the motions of STILL working on the project to keep the lawyers off his back."

2017.04.12 1st hand Account of Ken "Whit" Whitman's Lack of Work

We have to assume the email list is somewhere with those softcover KoDT: 20 Years of Covers books.....

2017.04.18 Update:

Even with all of the research and prep-work we've done here at NAD, we still get surprised by the depths that Ken "Whit" Whitman went to in order to fleece KoDT fans. Again, any emphasis is ours.

2017.04.18 Jolly Blackburn Update
"There were actually quite a few more than that. At least 18. Enough that I knew it would take three different sessions, maybe four to cover. (I find Roll20 can only comfortably handle 6 to 7 players at a time and at least 3 being D-Team members....

Ken apparently was selling slots with his website and other spam tsnuami offers. 
He also promised some store appearances (outside KS) I knew nothing about. Think about that - the man actually promised ME to a store in Arizona. With no provisons for travel, lodging or even letting me know. Grrrr...

And don't get me started on the Knights of the Dinner Table guest appearances/cameos. I told him I could handle three - 23 people ended up on the list.

Of course that forced me to really dig deep creatively and the Pwn Brian Express storyline came out of it — but I lost a lot of Sanity points on that one."


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