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Saturday, April 22, 2017

2017.04.22 Ken "Whit" Whitman Selling More Acting Advice and Brush With The Walking Dead Greatness

2017.04.22 Ken "Whit" Whitman Selling More Acting Advice and Brush With The Walking Dead Greatness
Contrary to what we assume is Ken "Whit' Whitman's belief, Not Another Dime (For Ken Whitman) isn't opposed to the man making a buck or two, assuming that money is made legitimately.

We think that continuing to glom on to a few seconds of background work in The Walking Dead, and using those brief moments as credentials to teach inspiring actors is definitely pushing the envelope.

Our speculation is that this training session is being used as a means to find new people to market potential video work (demo reels, "creating a slate", etc.) where Ken "Whit" Whitman can use the equipment that he purchased (instead of renting) using funds from the KoDT:LAS Kickstarter. Instead of working on the projects he's already made a pretty penny on, Ken "Whit" Whitman is soliciting more money from newer fandoms.

Those who can, do.....those who can't teach (our apologies to any bona fide teachers).

We've added a couple hyperlinks to the announcement so you can see for yourself.

Ken "Whit" Whitman acting workshop
"MCTG is proud to present Acting for Stage and Camera Workshop with actor Whit Whitman from the television series THE WALKING DEAD!

The workshop will consist of learning techniques for acting, creating and performing a monologue, and creating a slate.

The workshop will be 6 hours starting at 11AM on Saturday, April 22, 2017, at the Menifree Artisan Center (157 Old Campus rd.). The cost is $50 per person.

Lunch will be provided for participants.

THERE ARE ONLY 10 SPACES AVAILABLE IN THIS WORKSHOP - Register NOW by calling 606-422-5405 or emailing menifreetheatre@gmail.com

There will be an autograph session from 6-8 PM for those who are a fan of The Walking Dead, but are not interested in the workshop.


But wait...there's more!

2017.04.25 Edit
There was a video we linked to, but the video was removed. We do have a copy, but we don't plan on posting it.

We have noticed that a few folks have suggested that MCTG browse this site or just Google Ken "Whit" Whitman. We have also been forwarded an email exchange regarding this workshop (edits are ours):

"Hello XXXXXXXX, I'm involved with the Menifee Community Theatre Group. First, thank you for your concerns that you've brought up about Mr. Whitman. We appreciate all feedback, especially when it is of this nature. The event, however, has already passed. We were not aware of any such controversy before we booked the event and will be vetting our speakers more carefully in the future. We are a young group, we only became a very small organized group in March and are still learning the ropes. Mr. Whitman conducted himself in a polite manner during his visit and taught for 6 hours. The people that attended found it informative and helpful. There was very low attendance at the event and all of them were part of the theatre group management. I would like to make it clear that Mr. Whitman is not a member of MCTG or affiliated with us in any way. On another note, our Facebook page is watched carefully, and as I'm sure you know, we have had several people comment in the last few days. While not all of the comments were considered aggressive, some members felt that they should all be removed to protect the group's standing with the public. This was the only reason for any hidden comments or posts. Again, thank you for the concerns and advice, we take all constructive criticisms seriously and are always looking to improve. Please reach out to us in a pm if you would like to further discuss this or other issues."


  1. interesting that the page the movie it linked from quickly deletes any suggestion of googling Ken's name. You would think they would want to protect their members from scams.

    1. I'm increasingly of the opinion that anybody working with Ken knows of his many deceits and is a willing party to his dubious dealings. I've heard Marcus King, for instance, deliberately and knowingly trying to spin Ken's myriad alleged frauds and his participation in them as somehow being above board business dealings. Screw these people. Screw the lot of them. It'll be a cold day in Hell before these people or anybody they do business with (e.g. Troll & Toad) will ever see another some of my money. And I'll make damn sure none of my friends risk giving money to these people, either.

    2. Either they are a hapless Community Theater Group...OR they are as immoral as Whitman.

      Menifee County ... "many fees"? Coincidence? Whitman LIVES by charging many, many fees for projects for which we are still awaiting evidence of completion.

    3. Heh. That instance of "some" was, of course, intended to read "dime" - foiled by autocorrect!

  2. Yet another autograph session but no KS rewards (no Traveller, no KoDT, no pencils, no artwork, copies of the script, production diaries or input about the projects whatsoever).

    1. You can add "Deck Dice" to the list. It is very easy to print a card-deck of anything if the maker sends their layout and artwork to the manufacturer. Pencils may be trickier but makers of standard 54-card poker-sized decks abound. So what's the delay? It's a mystery.

  3. He's advertising his time and place, which is a very good thing for process-servers or cyborgs teleporting from the future to kill him...
    Has anyone ever contacted the producers of Walking Dead to check if glomming off his non-speaking extra role like this violated the terms of his contract? Does anybody have confirmation from the producers that he was on the show (never mind Internet Movie DataBase entries which can be submitted by anyone?)

  4. I wonder how many other extras bill themselves as being "from 'the walking dead'"

    I wonder if this could be seen as misuse of a trademark as it could be seen as a fraudulent attempt to claim he has an endorsement from them...


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