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Thursday, December 29, 2016

2016.12.29 Ken "Whit" Whitman's Most Fervent Supporter Shills for the Man....

2016.12.29 Ken "Whit" Whitman's Most Fervent Supporter Shills for the Man....
We've received notice of this Facebook post promoting Ken "Whit" Whitman, which has already been covered by Tenkar's Tavern, but........we like to post the details anyway to be thorough.

"I am promoting my friend's business - He shot my commercial in an hour, got it edited and out in 2 days, and did a re-edit for me with a changed voice over in about 2 hours.
This commercial may not be YOUR cup of tea, but it is reflective of EXACTLY what I wanted, and it was done super inexpensive (I usually pay $500 to $550 for this level of service - and wait 7-10 days for completion). My commercial was shot, edited and up and ON cable TV in 6 days.

London Games & Comics FB Post
My friend Whit does TV Commercials shot for YOUR business to YOUR specifications for only $299

Television Actor, experienced director, and professional editor/cameraman Whit Whitman will come to your store and discuss your needs for your commercial for your business. He has the knowledge and experience to convey your message to your audience.

$150 up front before the shoot is to be paid.
Then the commercial will be shot, edited and shown to you for approval. Further editing will be done if needed. The final $149.00 is to be paid before your commercial is delivered to you for use on whatever television stations, cable stations or youtube/internet viewing you wish for it.

Easy to work with, Whit makes your commercials in a way that you can relay your message to your audience in an informative, fun, impactful way and generate more foot traffic, web traffic or word of mouth for your company.

Whit Whitman

Here is the commercial he did for us:

We wonder how many of Ken "Whit" Whitman's 3,619 Kickstarter backers think that he is "Easy to work with". Of course we are only counting those from his unfulfilled projects, but they outnumber the 196 backers from his fulfilled campaign......


  1. Just watched the video done in this advertisement for advertisement and I must say that I'm not impressed.

    The lighting was bad; made everything look flat and killed most of the sense of depth.

    The camera was often out of focus for most depths (used the wrong lens I'd guess, so the focus range was narrow--a good idea for use of a green screen, but not in most other medias).

    The editing was weak. Some shots were less than three seconds, which is generally considered the minimum you want to use. Anything less doesn't give the human brain to recognize and understand the scene transitions.

    And used the same special effect each time at the bottom for changing text. While a GOOD idea to use a similar effect to leave the audience with a sense of connection (and recognition should they catch only a glimpse of it in the future), the same exact star-twinkle effect becomes boring. Like watching the same epic battle scene time and again. Not matter how great it will eventually become dull.

    Even without all the hype about his failure to deliver on kickstarters, I wouldn't hire the man...

    1. But Wait! There's More!

      The VO sounds like it was shot in a barrel (horrible audio). There are no Nats in any of the shots or any music or underscore for the spot whatsoever. He laterally flipped the shot at :24 - :26 - demonstrating that he didn't have enough coverage (read ponytail guys shirt). He used an illegible font with an effect over the top to make it even harder to read. The overuse of wipes shows he has no F@#$ing clue about editing.

      ...and I especially like his cameo in the opening crowd shot at :02 - :04 (and in the mirror at :25)...

      So, yeah - about what I'd expect for $250 in a small market by a guy who thinks he knows how to shoot commercials.

  2. I Don't see the relation to either KoDT or Traveller kickstarter news. Good luck to this business.

    1. I think the relation is the speculation that he's using video production equipment purchased with Kickstarter funds for his new business.


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