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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

2015.09.16 Ken Whitman is a Family Guy

This morning I got a not-so-anonymous email that I won't be sharing. It wasn't from Ken Whitman, but someone I trust. It wasn't asking me to make any changes to this blog, but I did make some anyway and I feel that I have to post about it anyway.

On Sunday I posted that Ken Whitman got re-married, something he denies on Kickstarter. Now I was informed he was married and now that I think about it I cannot verify the wedding claim, but obviously there is proof he got a marriage license. In Kentucky marriage license are valid for 30 days.....

....and obviously I made the leap there to the "fact" he is married, which may not be true. That's on me.

Now I did make a crack at the green-screen of the one apartment Ken Whitman is apparently staying at and it should be common-sense that it was clearly a crack. If even stated that it was "might be way too much and definitely not something I can prove" to paraphrase the rest I simply find the green-screen to be too much. I find it creepy. These are MY personal feelings and I joked about it. Again, that is on me. I have edited that post, but instead of removing the text I crossed it out. I'm not one to pretend I didn't type something.

I've stated on this blog multiple times that everyone should automatically assume I'm lying about any given "thing" and use the materials I've provided to do their own reading and to come to their own conclusions. Maybe that is what happened here and folks are simply coming to the same conclusions.....but here is the rub....those are not my conclusions. If I honestly thought for even a second that Ken Whitman was doing something....."racy" with the green screen in this apartment, 1st.....I wouldn't care. Unless he was doing something illegal and immoral (and not immoral by KY standards!) then maybe I'd look into it. 2nd, I wouldn't joke about it for sure. If it was important I'd see what I could find and post what proof I could.

I've gotten several tips regarding Ken Whitman's personal life and for the most part I either haven't looked into them because they weren't relevant, or I started to and the evidence wasn't there, which then makes it irrelevant. Ken Whitman is a father and lives close-by his children. I've seen some folks call him a Sociopath and if that were true I'm sure he wouldn't really care what his kids think of him, but I do. Ken Whitman has done some truly shitty things in my opinion and obviously I think he should be held accountable for them. I personally don't have issues with Ken Whitman's children reading this blog, following the links, and coming to their own conclusions, but other kids making wild accusations based off of things I've stated were not fact......inexcusable.

To those that think it is fun to say mean & untruthful things to children, this is called bullying....and is simply not acceptable. Taking my words out of context and using them like a knife to cut down one of your own....that is on you. You should be ashamed of yourselves and figure out where that behavior comes from. Odds are you've been bullied yourself and get some measure of comfort by passing along your own pain.

If you need help with bullying I'm sure there are some local resources, but since this is the internet here are two web-based places to start:

I realize that some, definitely Ken Whitman, probably see this blog as bullying. That does make me feel a bit hypocritical now, but this blog exists simply because if the information had been "out there" before Ken Whitman's Kickstarters than maybe so many people wouldn't feel as if they had been scammed. I thought I was doing a decent job reeling back my side commentary....obviously not.

I'll do my part and I hope that you, dear reader, will do yours. Don't take what I put out here as the truth.....do your own research. If you are underage it isn't too late for you....question EVERYTHING. This one ability will make some of your lives easier and for a few of you it might actually save your life someday.

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  1. It's amusing how many people Ken has damaged and now a person who enabled him to do so is complaining about Ken being "bullied". Part of going down the PC rabbit hole is inevitably you side with evil over good, as a general thing.


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