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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

2015.09.14 Ken Whitman Finally Gives Another Fulfillment Date...

2015.09.14 Ken Whitman Finally Gives Another Fulfillment Date...
Evidently Ken Whitman decided to surface yesterday and post an update to the KoDT:LAS Kickstarter.

That update is backer-only, but the gist of it is yet another "we are working on things slowly, please be patient" post. One of the backers cut & pasted the update into the comments, or at least part of it:
"Here is our proposed schedule for KODT: LAS
Download for backers....
Episode 1: Sept 14
Episode 2: Sept 21
Episode 3: Sept 27
DVDs Will Ship in October. The DVDs will include bloopers and fun stuff. 
If you are missing any product, we will be shipping the DVD at the same time."

My initial question would be, "If he already started burning DVDs last month....IIRC it was "20 a day" and then it was "we are moving slowly, however WE ARE MAKING PROGRESS"

I don't know about you, but allowing folks to download an episode that is already available on Youtube, and has been for 3 months, isn't what I'd call progress. As for the "missing product", there have been multiple claims of everything already having been shipped already, so what is the truth?

All those early promises, or this latest one?

I'm personally convinced it is all still another whitewash, which is funny if you consider the actual history of whitewashing. Back in the day it was a cheap way of covering up rough surfaces, like barns, which would invariably pick up bit of dirt and crap (often literal crap) and become unsanitary. The whitewash would encapsulate the dirt, and shit, and eventually scale off, taking said filth with it. Of course it had to be applied liberally and often, but it was relatively cheap and easy to use.

Probably not as cheap and easy as just building something appropriately to begin with and maintaining it to begin with.

Ken Whitman has built something a bit rough and shoddy and needs to keep whitewashing it to encapsulate all of the bullshit he has been slinging. The problem is that the whitewash isn't strong enough to encapsulate the bullshit and flake off so as the days go by it looks more and more like Ken Whitman is building a pile of bullshit.

It is getting to the point now where Ken Whitman is getting a bit too lazy with his whitewash brush. First we get the cut & paste updates from one Kickstarter project to another. Now we get the notice that the crappy information we've got is all we're going to get:
"Jolly, I sent out an update yesterday that covers all relevant questions. I am very busy editing. I will post more updates as I have information."
Ken Whitman Lies Again

If you've read the comments, pretty much at all, you'd see there are a metric shit-ton of "relevant questions" that a reasonable person would think not any brief update could cover.

But at least we aren't getting more "I'm doing stuff, please be patient." bullshit.....oh wait.
"Hey everyone. Sorry we are running behind. But we are moving forward, things are getting done.
@impact Kristin and I did not get married. But thank you for being kind enough to say something nice about an imaginary event. It's better than saying something bad about imaginary events - which is a more common place on this thread. Think I'll go take a ride in my imaginary 60k car I own. Take care."

Ken Whitman Claims to be Making Progress

I stand corrected.....

Folks that have viewed the "new" video claim that there really hasn't been any real fixes applied. Evidently typos that were noticed months ago and forwarded to Ken Whitman haven't been fixed. One particular backer, who apparently does video editing as part of their work, did find some minor differences:
"* The dedication to Amber has been moved to just after the opening logos. (It was just before the credits rolled at the end of the episode.) 
* The color timing has been improved a bit. It is ever-so-slightly brighter in the shadows, and the tint is less red. As a video editor, I find it's a small improvement. 
* The tag after the credits that was at the end of the first version (where Prowler jumps out of the fridge at Bob) is not included in the new version."

Overall doesn't seem like much has been done in the last seven months. Nothing that couldn't be tweaked in an afternoon with Adobe Premier Pro.....

2015.09.15 Afternoon Update/Edit:
After taking another look at the comments I felt some small measure of validation without having to go through the depressing task of counting up the number of times Ken Whitman has lied about shipping product.

Ken Whitman Called Out on his Many Lies

"Ken Whitman said, "But thank you for being kind enough to say something nice about an imaginary event. It's better than saying something bad about imaginary events - which is a more common place on this thread"
I have to agree with Ken on this point. There are a lot of lies and 'imaginary' events taking place here and on his other kickstarters. Namely the imaginary shipping of imaginery product to imaginary places. Clearly when he said all books had shipped in May he was simply in-character."


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