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Sunday, September 13, 2015

2015.09.10 Ken Whitman Gets Hitched!

2015.09.10 Ken Whitman Gets Hitched!
An anonymous tip the other day told me that our hero of the year managed to get himself hitched.

The inevitable question was, "Where are they honeymooning and which Kickstarter is being used to pay for it?"

I found it "interesting", to say the least that Ken Whitman was getting married so soon after assaulting his.....ex?...fiance?.....partner? It has only been a month between the assault accusation (her words, not mine) and the marriage license.

Now, whenever possible I do try to verify as much as I can, which is why some of the leads I have aren't up yet.....because I don't have enough except an anonymous tip. This time I have to thank The Meade County Messenger for the 411 as well. You can almost read that paper online without a subscription, but you can search the issues.

Lucky for us, the pertinent part is at the top of the page that they tease you with for buying an online subscription:
2015.09.10 The Meade County Messenger

"Kristin Joy Pelletier, 39 of Brandenburg, Ky. to Kennetch Edward Whitman Jr., 48 of Brandenburg, Ky."

Congrats Ken Whitman! I do say though paying your actors is generally cheaper than marrying them.....

Is it too soon to ask how long before we see you Kickstart the whole "Slutty Fairies" game?

Sources tell me that they are shacking up at Ken Whitman's "storefront/porn studio"* which we've narrowed down the location of earlier. This is the same place listed on the Air BnB listing I've linked to a few times. I was sent this recent picture (allegedly) from this weekend and that sure looks like Ken Whitman's Cadillac outside. My guess is that with the green screen bed and Ken Whitman's mad special effect skills he can make a good wedding porno* that looks like they honeymooned in Tahiti or someplace special to them, like and enchanted slutty fairy forest.

*OK, I admit the references to the porn studio bit might be way too much and definitely not something I can prove.....but the green-screened bedroom is just too much for me and there is no way I'm willing to actually look for Ken Whitman porn to prove a point one way or another. There is just not enough bleach in the world to sanitize your eyes after some things.....

2015.019.16 EDIT
I just got word that some folks were teasing Ken Whitman's kid saying he was making pornos, presumably because of this post. Seriously? I make a crack at the guy, clearly not something that should be believed, and someone (or several someones) take this ball and run with it?


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