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Friday, September 11, 2015

2015.09.10 Ken Whitman: SSDD

Ken Whitman: SSDD
Ken Whitman has finally made the briefest of appearances on Kickstarter, posting an update the boils down to "I'm doing stuff, please be patient."

The actual update is:
"Hey Everyone,

There is no BIG news for KODT:LAS this week as we are moving slowly, however WE ARE MAKING PROGRESS.

Hopefully we will have some news for you next week!

d20E has over committed itself, but we are working on all the projects. We are not abandoning you. Not running away, or hiding. We have just brought on two volunteers to help with production and shipping.

Once we start shipping, and or have big NEWS for you, we will let you know. Once again sorry for lack of communication.

Just bear with us, Ken Whitman"

Thanks to an update over at the Don't Fund Ken Whitman or d20 Entertainment blog, we learn that Ken Whitman essentially did a cut & paste job so he got a twofer out of this update.

The problem is that Ken Whitman has frequently used the "I'm doing stuff, please be patient." line. See the thing is if you tell people you are doing stuff and actually expect them to be patient, then you actually have to be....you know....doing stuff.

Two weeks ago he was allegedly burning DVDs and sending them out. Then it was, "after this holiday weekend things will be moving". To date there hasn't been a single sighting of the KoDT:LAS DVD and you know if Ken Whitman was sending them out he'd have pictures of the DVD plaster on his website, Facebook, and have updates on all his 6 projects as well as spamming backers email.

You Know How to tell if Ken Whitman is Lying? His Lips are Moving
Now I won't waste my time looking for all of the "I'm doing stuff, please be patient." messages out there, so I'll just pick the 1st one I remember off the top of my head, which is this video from the like-minded Don't Fund Ken Whitman or d20 Entertainment blog. Right at the 1 minute mark we hear the same general BS.

That video was made six weeks ago and at that time Ken Whitman said that he was "two weeks away" from DVD fulfillment. This video is so telling.....not just for what Ken Whitman lies about, but the additional commentary.

The 12th of Never seems far more likely than anything....


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