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Thursday, September 17, 2015

2015.09.16 Jeebus He Loves Me...

2015.09.16 Jeebus He Loves Me...
I have been informed, rather circuitously, that Ken Whitman is now a man of ...I'm sorry, I cannot bring myself to even type this. Word on the streets is Ken Whitman is now legally allowed to marry people in the State of Kentucky.

I know there is a difference between simply being allowed to perform marriage ceremonies and being an "Ordained Minister", and I have to assume there is some angle being pursued here. I do not know what angle that is, and while I have some ideas/assumptions, after the whole bit from yesterday I'm not going to make my wild accusations/ideas public.

Ken Whitman is an Ordained Minister?
First off I have to apologize for the crappy screenshot. I know it has been edited to remove commentary from well-wishers and I did some extra "cutting" because the 1st remaining comment was obscured and ended up phallic shaped.
I doubt it was intentional and while I found that funny......it had to go.

 "I am now an ordained minister so if you would like to get married...No blood test or waiting, come pay your 40 bucks and you can be married today...."

As a newly ordained minister I hope Ken Whitman brushes up on his Ten Commandments. The 7th (or 8th depending on your faith) Commandment is pretty much applicable to the contents of this blog....

Oh Jeebus, help us all....

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  1. That is OK friends once ordained their cat. Might e he is looking at the tax exempt status most states give clergy.


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