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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

2016.08.30 Ken "Whi" Whitman Opens a New Business

2016.08.30 Ken "Whi" Whitman Opens a New Business
Well, well.....our hero Ken "Whit" Whitman is back on Facebook with another new "company" called Whit Studios.

We checked, Whit Studios isn't a legal entity in Georgia.

If you look at the "about" page, there is an address and phone number, and there is even an associated Square webstore.

Now, lest you think this could be someone other than Ken "Whit" Whitman, take a look at the Square site and you'll see a recycled picture and another picture of the back of his head.

Personally we here at NAD like the one review on the Facebook page (emphasis ours) : "Ken is an up and coming Director/Producer who takes his profession of helping aspiring actors very seriously! He has acquired his own equipment and a team of crew members to make you feel like a star!"

One has to "admire" Ken "Whit" Whitman's cheeky sense of humor....

....one one post regarding becoming an actor: "Find a sugar momma or sugar daddy that can help your dreams come true. See easy. Now go find one!" It is obvious to us that Ken "Whit" Whitman has moved well beyond his Kickstarters, using them to fund his new operation of being a Director/Producer. At least everyone who gave this man money can now claim to be a "Sugar Momma" or a "Sugar Daddy".


  1. It seems that "Ken Whitman" or even "Ken Whit Whitman" does not appear as a business owner /CEO or even an agent of a business, either.

  2. So, anyone want to complain about him running an unlicensed business?


  3. Here in AZ you can be a sole proprietor and use a DBA without any registration. Is Georgia the same?

  4. It's probably not an issue with him running a business just as an unregistered DBA. Now... It's not always a smart thing to do (although sometimes it's harmless), but filing paperwork usually isn't required.

    Of course, this could vary by the nature of your business.

  5. That's the same way it was in South Carolina when I started AEG years ago. Just a DBA checking account. Literally took 20 minutes to set up at my bank.

  6. The downside of course is you are personal responsible for any debt/legal woes.

    1. Ken worrying about debt/legal woes hasn't stopped him since 1991.

  7. Of course I'm assuming, based on the type of business, local business licenses would apply. I had to get one when I moved my office from my spare bedroom to a local unit in an Industrial park to handle shipping.

  8. I like that he can do a 22 minute for 1600 bucks but can't finish the three videos he kickstarted. Just a ew way for him to market to his new shills.

  9. Here are three of Ken's own rules to prove he is just trying to set himself up has an expert.
    3. Alway keep lines of communication open
    4. Don't be an asshole
    5. Say please & thank you, a lot
    6. Help others, even when you need help

  10. The only "sugar" I can be likened to is a glucose all-day...sucker.

  11. I wonder if Ken Whitman is waiting to see how the actual future turns out so he can model the Spinward Traveller video's FX with the highest degree of fidelity possible.


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