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Thursday, August 18, 2016

2016.08.17 Kickstarter Scrubs Some of the KoDT:LAS Comment Section

Kickstarter Scrubs Some of the KoDT:LAS Comment Section
For some reason Kickstarter decided to weigh in on a very small portion of the comment exchange between Ken "Whit" Whitman and Mr. Desy, Jr. that we reported on yesterday.

We here at NAD find this interesting, to say the least, because as of the time of this post they haven't deleted any other examples of Ken "Whit" Whitman being a "jerk" (their word, not ours).

Because Ken "Whit" Whitman so clearly violated Kickstarter's own rules (or Terms of Service/TOS) regarding multiple Kickstarters, and because Kickstarter didn't take any action until after the....5th (?) 11th (?) Kickstarter funding project we just have to assume they preferred taking their 10% off of the top instead of actually vetting Kickstarters as they claim to do.

We've covered this topic before.

Where this current chain-of-events is leading, we simply do not know. It just feels.....off...to this writers that Kickstarter is finally taking some small action years and tens of thousands (at least) of backer dollars too late.

We will do our best to keep on top of things to the best of our abilities.......


  1. It's a little disturbing that they removed Mr. Desy's remarks, too, as I can't see that they violated the Kickstarter rules.

  2. It was only the comment and discussion between Louis and Ken. Louis has opened up legal priceedings against Ken and KS so good ole KS started scrubbing Louis' posts. Way to cover up legal matters by KS...

  3. I will admit ... I was very surprised that Louis' posts were removed. Especially the one with the tracking number of the correspondence to KickStarter for legal proceedings.


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