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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

2015.09.21 Ken Whitman Asks Us to Hold On "For One More Day"

2015.09.21 Ken Whitman Asks Us to Hold On "For One More Day"
We've gotten a LOT of dates/promises for product from Ken Whitman, so it really shouldn't be a surprise when the release of Episode 2 of the Knights of the Dinner Table: Live Action Series, which was to happen yesterday....well, didn't.

The Don't Fund Ken Whitman (or D20 Entertainment) blog covered Ken Whitman's most recent promises (well, most recent since yesterday, but I get ahead of myself) which is why I didn't really cover them here.

While that blog is written by somebody else altogether, I generally like to think of it as a "professional courtesy" to not regularly go over the same material. Aside from some aside commentary that slips in even when I don't want it to, I try to research the material I post about and while it is obviously presented with a heavy bias (something I think has to be reiterated often.....DON'T TRUST ME, LOOK AT THE INFORMATION YOURSELF!!!!) I think the facts will speak for themselves.*

A d20 Entertainment UpdateSo yesterday was a deadline that got missed....yet again. Ken Whitman has a clearly establish pattern of behavior which was broken somewhat this time around, which piqued my interest. Instead of silence, blame, and establishment of a larger time-frame for further disappointment, Ken Whitman set a new timeline of "one more day" without additional commentary.

Now I've heard there was some blame going on, but I think that information was 3rd or 4th hand at best, which brings it to the level of sheer rumor. In this one instance I think we should take what Ken Whitman put "out there" at face value.....but let's not forget the many lies that have come before this statement.

"Just Keeping you informed. The Download for episode 2 is postponed until tomorrow by 7 PM. Sorry for the delay."

My personal suspicion, and again THIS IS NOT A STATEMENT OF FACT BUT OPINION is that Ken Whitman didn't post this, but somebody else he gave access to the account did. I don't see any gross spelling errors and the word "sorry" is used. The capitalization of "Download" and the lack of a time zone (it is already past 7 PM for some of the backers......Hi Tash Neame!) hint at a Ken Whitman level of ineptitude, but that "sorry" is too much for me to believe.

Since today will be telling, as if everything else we've experiences hasn't been.....I thought I'd leave you with this apropos music video....the words just seem to "fit"...

*I almost forgot about the note! I've heard through the grapevine that Ken Whitman thinks that this site, as well as Don't Fund Ken Whitman, are operated by the same person....and that person is....someone close to one of his Kickstarter projects. Not true.....but I can give you a clue. I'm one of the people you've scammed money on. I hope this important detail helps narrow things down....


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