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Monday, April 30, 2018

2018.04.24 Whit gets a kiss goodbye as he Slips and Slides his night away.

2018.04.24 Whit gets a kiss goodbye as he Slips and Slides his night away.
We've received a couple of "tips" that Ken "Whit" Whitman sold Little Monsters Games & Comics to his "girlfriend" Jess Hunter. We don't know about that so much, but the relationship between the two seems a little lot more than professional.

Last week Ken "Whit" Whitman and Jess Hunter did a early morning "show" that ended around 2:30 AM. If you really want to watch the 75' show, by all means....knock yourself out.

We watched it for you, and our opinion is that Ken "Whit" Whitman doesn't act like someone who just sold his store to someone else. He's firmly large & in charge for this "show" and every thing is "his" throughout. The banter between the two is way more than just informal. Here is an excerpt from -7:24 mark (the video counts down the time left):

Little Monsters Entertainment, LLC Owner Jess Hunter
"The evil that Ken Whitman does."

Ken "Whit" Whitman
"That’s right, everyone’s sticking around to see about this wonderful kiss we have at the end that you owe me, my goodbye kiss."

Little Monsters Entertainment, LLC Owner Jess Hunter
"I see the anticipation in your eyes."

Ken "Whit" Whitman


Little Monsters Entertainment, LLC Owner Jess Hunter
"It’s like you never been kissed before"

Ken "Whit" Whitman
"I don’t know, I’ve never been kissed, especially by someone half my age. Half my age, it’s gonna be kinda gross, like kissing a daughter…"

Little Monsters Entertainment, LLC Owner Jess Hunter
"Don’t, don’t, don’t put me and daughter in the same category."

Ken "Whit" Whitman
"OK, I’ll just put you as sexy beeotch (bitch) category."

Of course at the end of the "show" they kiss a couple of times on camera:
Ken "Whit" Whitman's Kiss(es)

We'll see how long this lasts....

2018.05.01 Update:
Yep, the video has been made private....go figure.

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  1. Jess Hunter should learn about Kristin Pelletier. This is not lies an ex- might say, but a tangible and provable financial consequence of being Ken's girlfriend is to go bankrupt.



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