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Friday, April 13, 2018

2018.04.13 Possible Ken "Whit" Whitman Sighting Online

2018.04.13 Possible Ken "Whit" Whitman Sighting Online
If you've been a regular reader here at Not Another Dime (for Ken Whitman) you know that we do what we can to post facts backed up by links. While we try to be neutral and not post opinions we'll freely admit to getting jaded over the years when it comes to our main man Ken "Whit" Whitman.

Historically Ken "Whit" Whitman has used multiple social media accounts and has removed content we've linked to in order to try and clean up his online & social media presence so we know that sometimes our documentation cannot be verified. Our normal stance here at NAD is to ask our readers to assume everything we post that cannot be verified directly by our viewers to be false.

The subject of this post is pure speculation, but we've come to the same conclusion as others who have been following Ken "Whit" Whitman's assorted postings over the years. We have to ask you, dear reader, to assume our speculation is wrong and to follow the assorted links here and one the "Ken Sez" page and draw your own conclusions, if you can.

Interesting commentary from "Unknown"
Now that Ken "Whit" Whitman has been served, and that this information has been shared on Tenkar's Tavern, it was only a matter of time before we heard from Ken "Whit" Whitman.

Editorial Note: Our apologies to Louis Desy Jr.

"And this is LouisDesyJr was disbarred from being a laywer...


My favoriet part is...

Desy's conduct, particularly the threatening and harassing e-mail messages, strongly suggests dishonesty, poor judgment, and a willingness to misuse the judicial process. Cf. Matter of an Application for Admission to the Bar of the Commonwealth, 378 Mass. 795 (1979). Further, Desy has shown a lack of candor in these proceedings. As the single justice noted, his answers to questions about his background "have been defensive and perfunctory — in effect, a failure to answer." Indeed, in his brief to this court, he has wholly failed to address the serious questions arising from his dealings with the company. We are left with grave doubt about Desy's present character and fitness to practice law. We resolve that doubt "in favor of protecting the public by denying admission." Matter of an Application for Admission to the Bar of the Commonwealth, 444 Mass. 393, 397 (2005), quoting Matter of Prager, supra. Having reviewed the entire record, we conclude that Desy has not shown that at this time he "possesses the necessary q
ualifications to practice law in the Commonwealth." Matter of Prager, supra."

So we get a 2:07 AM post by "Unknown" that shows all the hallmarks of Ken "Whit" Whitman:

  • Early morning post
  • Bad spelling
  • Hatchet cut & paste job
  • Attacks someone calling him out on his behavior
The thing is, there is really no reason for anyone else to bother posting this information. We're only doing it in response to the original post. 

The thing is, and this is specifically meant for Ken "Whit" Whitman, nobody (else) cares about Mr. Louis Desy Jr.'s ability to practice law in this matter. Not only is he not representing ANYONE but himself, but he's filed this paperwork "Pro Se". If "Unknown" would bother to either read the summons or spent 30 seconds online they'd find that the plaintiff is acting on his own behalf. Now since we're assuming this "Unknown" is Ken "Whit" Whitman, as other have done, we have to find it amusing on some level because Ken "Whit" Whitman has repeatedly worked to bury parts of his past (Rapid POD anyone?) and claim they have no bearing on his current efforts.

1 comment :

  1. As a note on my bar admission.

    I find that the ONLY time anyone seems to care or go looking for 'dirt' on me, is when THEY are in the wrong and try to use it as an Ad Hominem attack me, as though something that no one cares about anymore would somehow stop the current lawsuit or somehow justifies the actions of a person like Ken Whitman and the money he has taken from hundreds of people over the years. No matter how many chances Whitman is given by people, Whitman just keeps on stealing at every opportunity he can find.

    In the emails I have had with Whitman, I have told him that even if somehow he gets away with what he has done to date, he would just do another set of cons and will keep on until there are so many complaints against him that one of the local DAs finally get a criminal case going.

    At that point Whitman will probably be all done since no one would want to have anything to do with someone that now has a prison record on top of everything else. It isn't that people hated Whitman, the problem is that people usually do not want their hard hard money and goods stolen from them.

    The thing I find amazing is that Whitman, if he wanted to, CAN do the work, and could be successful, but instead of making a thousand dollars doing legit work, he seems to want to con someone out of $10, and even runs around telling everyone 'how smart he is'.

    The truth is that he has just been lucky so far, in that he has avoid any legal consequences for his actions. so far, but I expect we are at the point where no one that knows anything about him would want to deal with him.

    I am still puzzled that Marcus King seems to be willing to let Whitman run a store that is full of King's inventory and amazed that Whitman has not started selling it off and taking all of the money for himself and ripping off Marcus King.


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