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Monday, August 14, 2017

2017.08.14 NAD is Well Aware of Ken "Whit" Whitman's Self-Imposed August 1st Deadline(s)

2017.08.14 NAD is Well Aware of Ken "Whit" Whitman's Self-Imposed August 1st Deadline(s)
We know that Ken "Whit" Whitman's re-scheduled (a couple of times now) release date for his varied Kickstarter projects  was August 1st, and we've let that date come and go without commentary.

Since we really didn't expect anything from our  raison d'etre by the 31st, much less the 1st, we thought it best to just wait it out until September 1st.

We haven't decided to let up on ol' Kenny......just didn't see a lot of value in posting the obvious on the 1st of August.

We would like to remind folks that while we don't mind commentary regarding Ken "Whit" Whitman's "illustrious" dealings, would would prefer to not receive comments that consist of calling ol' Kenny names. At this point they really don't serve any real use.

By all means, if Ken "Whit" Whitman has done you wrong, whether through Kickstarter or what we'd consider a shady, if not illicit/immoral/illegal business dealing, you have a right to be upset......but instead of venting here, do something productive, like filing a complaint with the appropriate Attorney General's office.


  1. Wow. I am only now catching up with all this hullaballoo as I slowly catch up to the past four years of KODT comics (and have finally arrived at late 2015). So all the KODTLAS project wound up as another Kickstarter scam. This seems to be the new medicine show. What I don't understand is how anyone pulling business fraud schemes like this isn't already facing criminal charges? Kickstarter scam artists ought to be safely in jail -- and not able to keep building more pyramid schemes. People shouldn't need to be warned about him -- he ought to be off the streets! How is this internet fraud different from any other run-of-the-mill racketeering crime?

  2. I don't think there is any recourse for victims "kickstarter crimes" because they are verbal agreements and "donations" toward funding. Kickstarter gets a healthy cut and Whitman evidently got the rest. The single successful litigation and proceedings in the U.S. occurred when an AG was running for reelection.

  3. I see. It's a situation that should call for wholesale legal reform, then. Too much opportunity for graft and fraud, do we really need more of that in our lives? This is a concern that keeps me from ever participating in such endeavors. If a Kickstarter donation is paid for with a credit card, can the donor protest to the card company for a refund on grounds of non-delivery of services/items?


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