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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

2017.03.28 Ken "Whit" Whitman Looking to Start up Another Geek/Nerd Video Project?!

2017.03.28 Ken "Whit" Whitman Tries to Recruit For a New "nerddom" Project
We found out about this late last night, but outside of some exclamations of "WTF", we had to sit on it until this evening. The whole idea behind Not Another Dime (for Ken Whitman) was initially just to document the man's many con jobs within the RPG Industry and RPG fan-base. Of course we share these people with other fandoms and with the larger "geek" community, so our mission is a bit broader than originally conceived.

Back when Ken "Whit" Whitman started his initial "churn & burn" scams, shell companies, whatever....realistically the internet wasn't much more than a string of local BBS's. It was a bit easier to take from one community and then move on to another. These days everybody has a supercomputer (compared to "back in the day") in their pocket and the World Wide Web lets you connect with more and more people.

We'd hope that some of the people that Ken "Whit" Whitman wants to connect with are at least Googling his name, but evidently some aren't because our main man is trying to interject himself back into the community once again.

Thanks for spelling out nerd/geek culture...
"Are you a nerd/Geek? Pokemon, MTG, Yugioh. Want to host a TV show about nerddom? Send me a PM and I maybe I will tell you how to apply for this full-time job.

Nerd stuff also includes: RPGs, computer games, Larping & Cosplay. Anime, Starwars, Walking dead, comics, Etc."

Now aside from our initial reaction, which was more like a spit-take, our back-and-forth started with "Another video project when he hasn't finished the last few ones?!" and ended with, "Thanks Kenny for filling us in on what is acceptable for nerds and/or geeks." Maybe it is just this writer, but if you have to spell our to someone what qualifies as "nerddom", they probably aren't going to be a good fit as a host, which is fine since you (Yes....you Ken "Whit' Whitman) haven't really shown to be a good fit as a producer, at least not on any of your Kickstarters.....

All we can do is hope that any nerd worth their fandom is smart enough to Google Ken "Whit" Whitman.....

1 comment :

  1. Do I want this sort of job? Yes.

    Do I believe Ken "Whit" Whitman is capable of supplying me with such a vocation? Oh my, no...


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