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Friday, July 1, 2016

2016.03.15 Beware The Ides of March

2016.03.15 Beware The Ides of March
We were sent this Facebook post regarding Ken "Whit" Whitman selling his directorial services, and another example of his use of Atlanta's Smokebelly BBQ as a base of operations.

We're only mentioning this because word is several folks have been trying to locate Ken "Whit" Whitman to serve papers and he's been hiding out for some time. Sure, Ken "Whit" Whitman has said several times he is accessible, usually via phone, but nobody can actually reach him.*

While we cannot fault Ken "Whit" Whitman from trying to make a buck or two, the fact that he is using camera equipment purchased from Kickstarter funds (instead of renting it) and the projects that funded said equipment haven't been finished.....well then this should be fair game.

It appears that Mr. Bishop is doing well despite his involvement with Ken "Whit" Whitman, which is great. Maybe after a little bit of success under his belt, our main man can work on the projects he was paid for years ago.

2016.03.15 Ken "Whit" Whitman Agrees to Direct
At any rate, it is good for us here at Not Another Dime (For Ken Whitman) to see our work being used to help educate the public:  "Be careful who you do business with -- always conduct thorough research first. Make sure you get everything you paid for before you turn over any cash. A small look at who you've hired -- pay careful attention to the part about him moving (coincidentally, I'm sure) right around the same time that at least one Attorney General's office opened an investigation into him:



*This has been our experience, as well as the experience of several of our commentators, but since we don't have links for readers to follow, assume this is anecdotal evidence at best.


  1. Steve Trustrum is good people. It's nice to see that he hasn't given up on warning people about Ken.

  2. "using camera equipment purchased from Kickstarter funds (instead of renting it)" What you state is not fact and therefore Lible. Keep up the great reporting, you only make my court case easier :-)

  3. Exactly right about the camera equipment. When Ken pitched the project his budget indicated he'd be leasing the equipment from a local chiropractor in Kentucky - high end Red cameras. That guy and equipment were used to shoot the KODTLAS kickstarter teaser/video. Nice guy. Imagine my surprise when we showed up at the KODTLAS shoot and Ken has purchased a new computer and all the lights/cameras and other equipment. The kicker? Ken didn't have any money to pay the crew, most of the actors or even my wife. Yet he was tooling around in a new car (he claims it was a dealer loaner now but at the time he told everyone it was his)."

    Most of those people wouldn't get paid until 7 to 8 months later with Pencil Dice money. (which Ken admitted).

    Anyway, it was disappointing. In my mind that money was supposed to go toward production. Not a start up business.

  4. Thi picture is a little strange. From the angle of the sun, it appears to be noon or early afternoon (SB opens every day at 11:00AM) and yet the restaurant is completely empty, the tables are not set (no cutlery, no menus) and there are no chairs except for the two stools that are occupied by Mr. Bishop and Mr. Whitman. By the placement of the bar and the wall mural, this is not a conference room. Almost as if the photo is a set up. I thought Ken "Whit" Whitman had a house where he was offering services to young actors (like head shots, small sets for demo reels and lodging). Why would he have a picture taken in a completely empty restaurant?

  5. so Ken has time to log in and post here but not to post updates on his KS page.


  6. I think Ken wants to pretend those six kickstarters never existed, Tash and we'd all stop 'whining' about them.

    Interesting - apparently all of his d20 entertainment links are now 404 errors. he doesn't respond to emails, texts, and doesn't answer his phone. Won't give out his mailing address. Blocks anyway from social media who dares even mention his kickstarters. Yet - he finds the time to ferret out places where people are talking about him an threatens to sue them. What a card.

  7. It seems that all emails to @d20entertainment.com accounts are bouncing as undeliverable. I think he's pulled the plug on that site to cover his posterior.


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