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Thursday, June 9, 2016

2016.06.09 A Quick Word About The GoFundMe Graphic

2016.06.09 A Quick Word About The GoFundMe Graphic
This was brought up by several people on Facebook, but we had to check for ourselves.....

The header image for the gofundme page is a straight up rip-off from The Walking Dead. Our best guess is that it was a promo shot distributed to media sites reporting on The Walking Dead and the Fear The Walking Dead shows.

To test this we went ahead and removed the text in that header and did a simple Google Image Search. That phot was all over the web, but in each case being used to promote the two AMC shows.

Our header graphic, shown above, was probably definitely ripped off from Don'tFundKenWhitman. We've been in touch with them and while nobody remembers getting permission, but then again we aren't trying to make a buck using that graphic. The bloggers there know how to reach us if there is a problem....


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